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While men may enjoy a variety of different types of women in their fantasies and even when they are dating, or approaching love from a more casual frame of mind-when it comes to the long term, they prefer emotionally intelligent women. There are several reasons for this.

The vast majority of us will go through a few failed attempts before we fine-tune our expectations and move forward to find our forever. For quite some time, there has been a major misconception about men, which would have many believe that men just want someone nice to look at, and some misconceptions allude to men preferring emotionally unstable women. Of course, emotionally immature or unavailable men may very well have those preferences. However, a real man is going to see our emotional intelligence when it comes time to settle down.

Here are 10 reasons why men prefer emotionally intelligent women.

1. They stand by their word.

Men prefer a woman who is straightforward and stands by her word. If she is constantly making promises she cannot keep, he knows he cannot depend on her. And when it comes to long-term stability-he needs to know he can count on her.

2. They are excellent communicators.

Emotionally intelligent women understand their emotions and are empathetic to the emotions of others. They can easily communicate how they feel and do not hesitate to, because they know communication is key to making a relationship work.

3. She doesn’t play games.

An emotionally intelligent woman does not play games. She doesn’t act hot and cold or try to manipulate him. Instead, she is open about how she feels and very straightforward about what she expects.

4. She helps him to become a better person.

Men prefer a woman that helps them to bring out their best selves. Emotionally intelligent women help their partner to grow, and he learns so much from her, just in the way that she handles herself and others.

5. They are self-aware.

Emotionally intelligent women are self-aware in a way that emotionally immature people are not. She pays attention to how she acts, feels, and carries herself, and when she is not acting like her best self she is not afraid to acknowledge that.

6. She is mature.

Emotionally immature women lack self-awareness, which causes them to act in simply unsavory ways. However, an emotionally intelligent woman carries herself differently. She doesn’t say one thing and means another, and he doesn’t have to constantly jump through hoops to know where she stands.

7. She isn’t afraid to face herself.

An emotionally intelligent woman knows herself. She knows her strengths and she knows her weaknesses. She is not afraid to admit when she has been wrong, and she is always trying to work to understand herself better.

8. She is firm on her boundaries.

An emotionally intelligent woman knows the importance of boundaries. She is quick to assert them in all of her relationships, and any time a limit is reached-she will let him know. She also respects his boundaries-which helps to establish trust, which is necessary for a long-term commitment.

9. She has self-respect.

There is something about the way an emotionally intelligent woman carries herself that sets her apart from the rest. Because she knows herself, she also respects herself. She does not allow others to step all over her- and she knows her worth.

10. She is intuitive.

An emotionally intelligent woman is highly intuitive. She can quickly pick up on the emotions and feelings of her partner in a way that others are unable to. Without him even having to say anything-she understands him.