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Being a parent is a difficult job, there is no doubt about that. However, for stay-at-home moms, that job is taken to an entirely different level.

Many people assume that being a stay-at-home mom is taking the easy route. “They get to sit at home, and just be moms, that can’t be that hard,” some may say. Honestly, I used to think that when I was in my early 20s. Fast-forward a few years down the road, and now I realize how very wrong I was. When you are a stay-at-home mom, your job is the hardest in the world, and if you don’t believe me, here are 10 reasons why.

1. Stay at home moms don’t get sick days.

Stay at home moms don’t get to wake up when they have a cold or the flu and decide to take a day off. Instead, despite fevers, headaches, and vomiting, we have to get up and do our job. We have to cook, clean, and care for other human beings, no matter how badly we may feel.

2. Stay at home moms don’t get any off days.

While we are on the topic of sick days, let’s just go ahead and make one thing clear: stay-at-home moms DO NOT get any days off. We don’t get a lunch break, or a weekend to rejuvenate. Our job never ends.

3. There is barely ever an opportunity for alone time.

And the only alone time we get is when it’s time to put our little ones to bed. To be honest, that’s hardly what anyone could consider quality time, trying to squeeze in a few hours of television (maybe) while we pray we don’t feel like a zombie the next day.

4. It’s a thankless job.

No one gives thanks to a stay-at-home mom for all of her hard work. She doesn’t get an employee of the month certificate or any appreciation. We are just expected to do our job and do it great.

5. They are a cook, maid, caretaker, homemaker, chauffeurs and so much more.

Being a stay-at-home mom isn’t just tending to your kids. It means you are an active chef, the maid, the chauffeur, the tutor, the teacher, the scapegoat, and someone’s punching bag. So the next time you say “Your JUST a stay-at-home mom,” consider this.

6. You don’t get paid.

Even worse, a stay-at-home mom doesn’t get a paycheck. She doesn’t get raises, and she doesn’t get anything in return for her services aside from the satisfaction of raising a tiny human that loves her. And yes that’s worth it but damn.

7. Most people assume it isn’t a “real” job.

It frustrates me to no end to hear someone say the term “real job.” But, let’s face it, most people have an idea of what they consider is a real job, and for the most part, being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t seem to make the cut for many people. All I have to say is give it a try yourself before you make any judgments towards anyone.

8. Your social life consists of arguing with a tiny version of yourself.

Social life? HA. When you are a stay-at-home mom, your entire social life consists of talking, arguing, and making hostage negotiations with a little tiny version of yourself.

9. Your boss is a tyrant.

And while babies and children may look sweet and cute, they are tyrannical. They are demanding, and their needs are never ending. If being a stay-at-home mom was a job listing, and your child was your boss, let’s just go ahead and say it: your boss is a tyrant!

10. Your every move & decision is scrutinized by people who know nothing of what you have to do.

And even though most people may not consider it a real job, they sure do have a lot to say about how you do your job. Everyone has an opinion, and your every move is under a microscope. I was in a foodie group on Facebook and saw a woman screenshot a picture of another member’s child that she had posted while scrutinizing everything about the mother’s parenting that she didn’t agree with. While this may be extreme, it’s pretty normal for stay-at-home moms to have to deal with people who believe they know your job better than you do.