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Another Amazon Prime Day event is here, and just in time for the holidays! The time to stock up on your favorite decoration is now.

Get ready to elevate all of your spooky celebrations this year, because Amazon is a true treasure trove of all the Halloween must-haves, and they are on sale right now!

Whether you are looking to transform your abode into a haunted house, find the go-to Halloween costume, or snag some accessories for the party you have to go to next week, Amazon has your back!

This list is made up of high-quality decorations and so much more that I have personally purchased for my own home. Start shopping now, because these deals are this week only!

1. 44% off Flickering Halloween Decorative Lights


Bring a spooky Halloween vibe to your outdoor spaces with these flickering Halloween lights! They are waterproof and solar-powered, perfect for adding a spooky ambiance to your yard.

Click here!

2. 20% Flameless Floating Candle Set

Cast a spell over your Halloween decorations with these flameless candles complete with magic wand remote!

Click here!

3. 20% OFF LED Indoor Spiderweb Lights

Turn your home into a spooky spectacle with these Halloween Spider Web Lights! Complete with 8 lighting modes and realistic spider silk, this 4.3 ft web is perfect for creating those spooky Halloween vibes.

Click here!

4.25% off Spooky 8-foot-tall inflatable ghost tree

Inflatables are so expensive, but not this one! At 25% off this one is a real steal!

Click here!

5. Posable Skeletons Under $25

Spook up your space with these posable Halloween skeletons! These won’t just be fun for you either, if you have kids, they will love them. Mine won’t leave them alone.

Click here.

6. 60% Off Extra Large Spiderweb with Spiders

Enhance your yard with these spider web decorations. It also includes 150 fake spiders to add that extra milk!

Click here!

7. 25% Black Eucalyptus Stems

These black artificial eucalyptus stems are just what you need to add that dash of goth creepiness to your indoor space.

8. 32% off Halloween throw blanket

You will have to fight your kids for this spooky Halloween throw blanket. It is also glow in the dark, which screams Halloween fun!

Click here!

9. 32% off Creepy Reaching Hands Halloween Decorations

Get those spooky vibes flowing with these wall-mounted reaching hands.

Click here!

10. Outdoor, Solar-Powered Lights

There is nothing spookier than wasting energy! Luckily, these beautiful string lights are solar powered, so you can enjoy the fun as much as you want!

Click here!