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While some people may want perfection, for the most part, most people are happy with someone who simply makes them happy. And while happiness can be complex, there are certain qualities in a woman that are far more likely to result in a happy male counterpart.

One of the most universal journey’s in our life is the journey to find love. And while we may all have our own idea of what love is supposed to be, the general theme seems to be that most of us simply want to find someone that we can grow with.

Finding the right mate is something that men take quite seriously. They don’t want to spend their lives with just anyone. And if you are wondering what it is that they are looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 qualities men look for in a woman.

1. Compassion.

Men don’t want to settle down with someone who is cruel or harsh to others. They want someone who is kind, considerate, loving and compassionate. Someone who cares about others, and treats them accordingly.

2. Intelligence.

One of the most popular traits among men as far as qualities in the right woman goes is intelligence. Men want a woman who they can have a conversation with and someone who will challenge them and push them to grow.

3. Independence.

I think a lot of people equate love with infatuation, however, having someone who is obsessed with you to the point of clinginess is a major turnoff for most men. Men want a woman who can give them space, and someone who needs space herself. He wants a woman who can stand on her own- but chooses to do so with him by her side.

4. A sense of humor.

Being around a woman who has zero personality is no fun. They might make it for a few weeks, but once the initial spark wears off- men want someone they can have fun with. They want someone who can make thm laugh, and who can laugh at themselves.

5. Charm.

If a woman can light up a room as she enters it, she can definitely win over the heart of a man. Charm and grace are much better than being callous, cold or rude. And the thing about charm is, it comes in handy when times get tough in a relationship.

6. Wit.

Men enjoy a woman who is quick on her feet. Someone who has a mind of her own and thoughts and ideas of her own. Women who are quick witted and funny are more attractive to men on a scientific level, according to a study carried out by the University of Kansas, so I will take their word for it.

7. She’s classy.

Classy doesn’t necessary equate to money, but is more so how a woman carries herself. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or anything like that. Instead, it is how you exemplify dignity and self-respect.

8. Ambition.

An ambitionless man may be fine to settle with an ambitionless woman, but if you are trying to find a man who is working to do the best that he can with his life, you are going to have to match that energy. Most men want a woman with a drive to do more and to be more. Not just someone who is fine doing absolutely nothing with herself.

9. Empathy.

Men are attracted to empathetic women, because they feel at ease with her. An empathetic woman is more likely to be understanding and to be able to tune into herself and others.

10. Someone who shares similar values.

Perhaps one of the most important qualities is shared values. Without shared values, a relationship will not last. Shared values are the difference between chemistry and compatibility.