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Growing up, I remember watching cute family movies about two people who have a baby and live happily ever after. It was hard not to want to have the same one day, but after having done so, I can tell you right now, the movies all lied.

What movies and magazines and family channels on YouTube depict as parenthood is NOT parenthood. Parenthood is perhaps one of the most complex jobs a person can ever endeavor to do, and it quite frankly isn’t for the weak. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t take back my decision to become a mother for anything. I love being a mom, but when I tell you it’s a lot deeper than two people meeting, happily ever after, and blah, blah, blah, please believe me.

For those of you who know exactly what I mean, you will truly appreciate these images.

1. That terrifying moment.

2. When diaper changing becomes a wresting match.

3. Photoshoots are not what they are made out to be.

4. The bond you share with your child is unlike anything.

5. Goodbye sleep.

6. Priorities change.

7. Ah, yes, 5 seconds of quiet time.

8. The struggle is real.


9. Mama bear anxiety.

10. Motherhood is flat-out confusing.