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Being a parent isn’t the easiest job in the world, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Much like anything else, there are tried and true, proven hacks and tips that can help you to work smart, not hard, as a parent.

While there isn’t an easy way out of the hardest aspects of parenting, there are little tips and tricks that can make much of your life as a parent an easier job. Not only will these tips save you time, energy, and money, they will simplify your life in many regards. Please keep in mind that not all of these tips may work for you, so take what works and leave the rest.

Without further ‘ado’ here are 10 parenting hacks you will wish you had known sooner.

1. Hide liquid medicine in a juice box.

No child wants to take medicine, but sometimes, it is necessary. So, how do you get them to take the liquid medicine? Simply place it in a medicine cup and cut a hole out of a juice box ( a square) and place the cup inside of the box. Hand the box to your child with the straw in the medicine and tell them to take a big gulp.

2. Use tape to quiet down loud toys.

Some toys are just straight-up obnoxious. For those toys that your kids love to hear, that drive you nuts, take a piece of thick tape and place it over the speaker holes. Thank me later.

3. Give your child a giant box for creative adventures.

The next time you order from Amazon and are left with a giant box, don’t throw it away. Instead, place your toddler in the box with some crayons and let them go to town. If you need to, show them they can color all on the box and pretty much give them free rein. This will provide at least 10 minutes of entertainment.

4. Put cheerios in the toilet.

If you turn something difficult into a game, it will definitely help to get your child on track. A good example of this is when you are potty training your son, place cheerios in the toilet and try to get them to aim for the cheerios. Even if they already know how to use the toilet this can also help them with their aim.

5. Detangle doll hair.

Does your child’s doll look like Cynthia from Rugrats? Take some conditioner and run it through her hair with a comb. Let it sit for a few minutes and brush it through and rinse.

6. Use butcher paper to make an endless whiteboard.

Purchase some butcher paper and hang it up using a paper towel holder. Then, run the paper down the wall, give your child some crayons and let them go to town!

7. Hot glue the hole in bath toys.

Bath toys typically have holes in them, for draining or something, but those holes fill with water, and the water molds. Save yourself the trouble and pack in some hot glue into those holes. Do it when the glue is tacky not steaming hot, otherwise, you might end up with two holes, not one.

8. Use the flaps on the juice box.

When I first gave my child a juice box, they would immediately squeeze it, sending juice all over themselves and the floor. Now, I open the side flaps on the juice box and hand them to them. If they are holding onto the flaps, they are far less likely to end up squeezing juice everywhere.

9. Use mustard to soothe burns.

Did your little one get burned? As soon as they are burned, take them and place mustard on the burn. Place a pretty good bit and let it dry. It will immediately make it feel better.

10. Remove crayon with WD-40.

WD-40 is good for so many things, including the removal of crayons. The next time your child colors on the wall (or your favorite countertop) take some WD-40 and wipe it off.