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While we know there are benefits to being active overall not everyone stops to think about the things that simple stuff like gardening can offer. Gardening might not sound like much, but it can really brighten the moods of those who choose to partake.

Whether you’re growing a full-blown veggie garden or just taking the time to keep the plants on your balcony looking spiffy, you could be bringing a lot more positivity into your life than you think. After a long stressful day, tending to your plants might be just what you need. Below I am going to go over some of the benefits gardening can bring into the lives of those who take the time to do it.

8 Benefits Gardening Has To Offer That Are Often Overlooked:

1. It can help us reduce stress.

Gardening overall is known as a means of helping reduce stress. It allows us a means of getting out of the situations before us and the challenges we’re facing. It takes our minds off of things.

2. It pushes us to be present in the moment.

Gardening is a wonderful way for you to be more present in the moment. It helps teach you to be more mindful as a whole and in a good way. Through being in the moment you are able to get your garden where you want it to be and really teach yourself more through that.

3. It shows us how to take care of things besides ourselves.

As someone who loves to garden it has taught me a lot about taking care of things that are not often thought about. Plants need us, if we don’t water and care for them they will die. They are more of a commitment than most realize.

4. It has lots of potentials to help us be more active overall.

Gardening is a lot more physical than some people tend to think. Depending on the garden you’re going for you may be in for a lot of work. Gardens always need work, and so they can on some level regardless of their size keep us active.

5. It gives us something to be proud of.

When we get our gardens growing and flowing properly it gives us something to be proud of. The progress we make in this kind of thing really brings a smile to our faces. We are the ones nurturing the things that are coming to these plants and that in itself is amazing.

6. It can allow you a chance to get the vitamin D you need.

When we garden it typically gets us outside which allows us the chance to take in some vitamin D. This meaning rather than being stuck inside we’re allowing our bodies to get the things that they need. Vitamin D is something found in sunlight and chances are most of us don’t spend enough time in the sun.

7. Depending on what you’re growing you may end up eating healthier as well.

If you’re growing vegetables and things of that nature you’re probably going to be eating those things as well. When they come from your garden you know you’re getting the best and avoiding certain pesticides and so forth. You’d be surprised how delicious a homegrown cucumber or pepper really can be.

8. It shows you that ‘perfect’ in itself is in the eye of the beholder.

Veggies and flowers overall are not perfect. They grow in different shapes and sizes. Plants just like people don’t come ‘perfect.’ That being said, even the ugliest pumpkin can taste the best.