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For decades, psychologists have understood the power imagery has in deciphering the minds of man. Sigmund Freud, the godfather of psychotherapy, used symbols and imagery in his practice.

Sigmund Freud was not along with either, the founder of the inkblot test, Hermann Rorschach firmly believed in the power of symbolism, and so did Carl Jung, who helped develop the foundation for dream interpretation, with you guessed it: symbolism.

Symbolism is a simple term for imagery that ignites something or represents something in the human psyche. Without realizing it, the way we perceive the world and art can reveal a lot about who we truly are inside.

With that in mind, below, I have included 10 optical illusions and what they mean about your personality type.

Take a look at each image and think of the first thing that comes to mind. Then check below the image to understand what that reveals about you.

What did you see first?

If you saw the pillars:

If you saw the pillars, you are someone who likes to play it safe. You don’t care too much for risk, and you enjoy staying in your comfort zone. While this can be comforting at times, it can also leave you feeling stagnant.

If you saw people:

If you saw people, you are an out-of-the-box thinker. You don’t take anything at face value and are always peering deeper. Regular life often feels dull or even boring, so you are always on the lookout for adventure.

What did you see first?

If you saw the old man:

Seeing the old man shows that you have a sensitive soul. You easily pick up on the emotions and feelings of others, and you are a considerate person. You love deeply and would do anything to make others happy and content.

If you saw the woman first:

Seeing the woman first shows that you are more logical-minded. Rather than thinking with your emotions, you tend to rationally think things through based on logic. Logical thinkers are oftentimes more prone to use the left side of their brain.

What did you see first?


If you saw the rabbit:

Those who see the rabbit first are deep thinkers. When faced with a decision, they like time to think things through, and then some more time for further consideration. They don’t like to make uninformed decisions and tend to only take part in what they can wrap their mind around.

If you saw the duck:

Those who saw the duck are more emotionally impulsive. When they are angered, they often have a hard time not showing it, and the same goes for other emotions. Due to this, they are often perceived as emotionally unstable or even abrupt.

What did you see first?

If you saw faces:

Seeing faces means that you are often thinking of others. People perceive you as extroverted and you are a social person. You don’t much care to be alone and prefer to be surrounded by your favorite people

If you saw a candlestick first:

If you saw the candlestick, you are likely more of an introvert. You tend to stay to yourself, and when you do engage with others, you are a deep thinker and don’t care much for small talk.

What do you see first?

If you see a skull:

You are a big-picture thinker. You often take time to make decisions because you like to think of a situation from every single angle before moving forward. Because of this, you tend to get stuck on decisions, and sometimes avoid making them at all.

If you see a girl:

If you see a girl, you like to pay attention to all the little details. You are highly observant and detail-oriented. In your career, you are good at problem-solving. In your personal life, you pay attention to every move people make around you.

What do you see first?

If you notice the woman’s face first:

If you notice the woman’s face first, you are more emotionally driven. You often make your decisions based on your emotions and the emotions of others. You are very considerate, but at times, can be considered to be emotionally impulsive.

If you notice the man’s face first:

If you noticed the man’s face, you are someone who likes to take action. You tend to act first and think it through later because you like to get things done. You are perceived by others as highly-ambitious, but also, sometimes you can be perceived as a bit reckless.

What did you see first:

If you saw trees:

If you see trees, you are very intuitive. You are known to trust your gut, and in most cases, you are right in doing so. You are very laid back and don’t mind spending time alone.

If you saw a tiger:

You are an extroverted type of person who is strong-willed. When you want to do something, you are going to do it, regardless of what anyone says. You often have a clear vision, and stay highly motivated based on that vision.

What did you see first:

If you saw a saxophonist:

You are a social butterfly, you love being around others and enjoy being the life of the party. You have a magnetic vibe about you that draws people in and helps you to connect with others easily.

If you saw a tiger:

You tend to try to avoid major social situations and prefer quiet encounters and solitude instead. Being in a large group leaves you feeling exhausted, and after a large-scale social event, you need days to unwind and recenter.

What did you see first?

If you saw a car:

You enjoy the feeling of freedom. You don’t too much care for being confined or controlled, and when you are in a situation that makes you feel that way, you tend to take flight.

If you saw the letter A:

You can see things in a way that most cannot. Because of this, you are a wonderful problem solver and give great advice. You are very detail-oriented and very intuitive.

If you saw a man with binoculars:

You are more of an analytical thinker. When posed with a problem or decision, you take time to think about things and like to consider the big picture. However, you don’t get overwhelmed by big picture thinking, instead, you thrive on it.

Which ball is bigger?

Image via Brightside

The ball in the back:

If you believe the ball in the back is bigger, you are a natural-born leader. When you are in situations that involve teamwork, you step up and take charge.

The ball in the front:

If you view the ball in the front as bigger, you are quiet and reserved. In situations that involve teamwork, you tend to stay in the shadows, and when someone else naturally takes charge, you follow orders while offering useful help.

What do you see first?

If you see the baby:

Those who see the baby first are natural caregivers. You thrive on helping others and are often very attuned to the needs of those around you. When someone needs help, they know they can ask you.

If you see the couple:

Seeing the couple means that you can see how things work in your mind. Before taking action, you already know how a situation will play out, which makes you a wonderful leader and also shows that you are highly intuitive.

If you saw the trees first:

Seeing the trees first shows that you enjoy and even thrive on change. You love participating in new experiences and adventures, and you are perceived as someone outgoing and extroverted.