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For anyone who has ever smoked, you already know how difficult it may be to stop smoking. Because while a small percentage can stop cold turkey, the rest of us may need a little support.

In fact, there are some studies that have shown nicotine being even more physically addictive than heroin. And if like me, you have tried to stop numerous times to no avail, you know just how daunting of a task it is to try to stop. According to the Mayo Clinic, while the cravings are intense, you should keep in mind that they will pass within 10 minutes, despite whether you give in to the craving or not.

If you choose not to, then you are even closer to quitting than before.

1. Try a nicotine replacement.

Vapes, pouches, nicotine gum and patches all offer a quick-fix solution to stopping your smoking habits. However, while this works for some, others claim they simply get addicted to the replacement. The key is to use it to taper off the cigarettes.

2. Don’t go near your triggers.

If drinking a cup of coffee triggers you to smoke, try a glass of iced tea instead. For those of you that smoke while drinking alcohol- avoid it. Remember which situations lead you to smoke and try to steer clear.

3. Remember why you quit.

Are you trying to avoid health problems? Remind yourself. If you need to save money, put things into perspective by charting how much quitting will save you.

4. Keep yourself busy.

Idle hands do the devils work- so dive into a project. Or, when you crave a cigarette, opt for a jog. Try to find a healthy way to resolve the craving.

5. Use an essential oil pen.

A new and growing trend is an essential oil vape. Instead of being filled with nicotine or CBD, the companies use essential oils instead and try different ones for different effects. This can help with stress, sickness, etc.

6. Chew.

Get some chewing gum, beef jerky, veggies, or something you can chew. This will help give your mouth something to do during the craving.

7. Eat a menthol cough drop.

Mimicking the situation of something happening in your air-pipes, the menthol will send a similar sensation that helps calm cravings.

8. Take a deep breath.

We often take breathing for granted, but studies show mindful breathing can help us overcome a number of bad habits. If you are thinking about smoking, instead, take a few deep and focused breaths.

9. Sip a cold glass of water.

When our bodies need hydration, they can send our cravings for other things to keep our mind off our thirst. Instead of smoking, first, drink some filtered water.

10. Make a list.

List the reasons you want to stop, from the smell to the cost, and even the deeper issues like being around for your kids. Whatever keeps you on track, write it down!