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Being a parent is hard, and it seems like the moment you become a parent is a moment people believe you have opened yourself up to their unmerited and unsolicited advice. For whatever reason, everyone believes themselves to be an expert, especially when it comes to parenting, but in some cases, it’s better to keep your opinion to yourself.

If you are a parent, then you likely understand exactly what I am saying. We’ve all been there, we are simply existing as a new parent, and then here comes some Karen who believes they have a revelation or tidbit of parenting advice that you have never heard nor considered. Either that or they feel compelled to correct you on your parenting, because, you know, they are experts. Please excuse my sarcastic sigh.

And whether you are that Karen and need to hear this from the bottom of my heart: STOP, or whether you are a parent who can completely relate to this, here are the most annoying pieces of unsolicited advice new parents report to send them into eye-rolling mode, quickly.

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps.

Well, what if your baby sleeps all day in the beginning and insists on staying up all night? Or what if your baby likes to sleep on car rides. Sometimes, this isn’t logical advice to follow.

2. You need to put a coat/hat/some socks/etc., on that baby.

Listen, as a parent, I know when my child needs more clothing. And sometimes it’s far more counterproductive to layer a child down in unnecessary layers than it is to put on their necessities. And again, I’m the parent.

3. Don’t hold them too much, you will spoil them.

Spoiled to what? Love and affection. Babies are in their formative years and need love and support. I know when it’s too much, so mind your business.

4. Your baby needs a nap.

There again, I am the parent. I know when my baby had their last nap and how many naps they need. Unless you are a baby psychic, back off.

5. Should your baby be eating that?

When it comes to what babies should or shouldn’t eat, pediatricians and the parent are the ultimate say. Some parents modify their child’s diet and introduce solids, and then here comes an expert urging you to use purées or feed them some processed junk that is way worse than what the parent is giving under their doctor’s advice.

6. Enjoy every moment.

Ugh. If every parent had a dollar for every time someone offered this little tidbit, we would all be rich. Don’t you think we know that we need to cherish our kids??

7. All unsolicited medical advice.

Unless you are a doctor, or unless a parent asks you for medical advice, keep it to yourself. Not only can bad and misguided advice end up harming the baby, I simply am not listening unless you have something based on science or a doctor that I asked for.

8. Have you tried rubbing whiskey on her gums when she’s teething, or to help her sleep?

If you suggest that I give my kid booze, I am immediately tuning you out. I don’t give a sh*t what your grandparents did back in 1885 with their grandkids, I am not giving my child alcohol.

9. Your baby is too cold/hot.

Even if it’s 85 degrees, and my baby has sweat pouring down their face, some folks will still tell me they need a blanket. For the love of all things holy, babies do not need to be constantly swaddled up in a blanket. And then some see my child swaddled when it’s freezing outside that insists they are too hot.

10. You should let the baby tell you when they are hungry.

NO. Babies are in their formative years, still learning to understand hunger cues. Hell, sometimes, I don’t even understand my hunger cues. My baby is eating on a schedule, mind your own!