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You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a good time with your partner. There are plenty of super cheap and even FREE ways to have a romantic time with the person you love.

When we envision a good date, many things may come to mind. Things like candle-lit romantic dinners at a fancy restaurant or a visit to the movies may come to mind. However, these things cost money and when it comes down to it, while they are romantic, there are other more romantic, yet cheap ways to have a good date. If you don’t believe me, here are 10.

1. Make a fire.

Not only is this free, but it’s super romantic. Of course, make sure that you are well-researched on how to make a nice, safe fire, and then set it up. You can dance by the fire, eat, make smores, or even roast hotdogs.

2. Make crafts together.

Pick out a fun and cheap craft like tie-dye making or even painting. While this one isn’t free, you can make it super cheap by gathering up your supplies from a dollar store.

3. Hit the matinée.

Matinées are always cheaper as far as movies go. To make this even thriftier, hit up the dollar store for some snacks.

4. Go to the park.

Have a local park that is beautiful and free? Make sure you take advantage. Bonus points if you feed the ducks and pack a picnic lunch.

5. Host a game date night.

Bored games are so much fun, and if you already have them on hand, this is a super cheap idea. Things like Monopoly, Uno, and Yahtzee make a great game night.

6. Flea market.

You don’t have to purchase anything because most flea markets are simply fun just to be there. However, if you see some things you like, that is always a plus. It’s even better if they have a taco truck!

7. Hiking.

Find a beautiful place that is within a reasonable distance and make a day of it. Go hike or rock climb or even swim!

8. Cook a meal together.

Pick out a meal you can both agree on and get to cooking. Not only does this provide a delicious meal, it is also a great bonding time.

9. Skywatch.

Skywatching is so much fun and it’s free. Check to see which sites are out this month, lay down a blanket and lay back, and look at the sky. You can look at meteor showers, and constellations, or grab a telescope to see the planets.

10. Find a coffee house with live music.

Find a local coffee house that has live music. Order a coffee or tea and sit down and enjoy the music together.