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While a lot of people do not realize this there are tons of people across the globe living with chronic illness and/or chronic pain overall. These people do not get to live normal lives like everyone else, they are held back by their health conditions overall, and while they can have fun and experience things there is always something weighing them down.

If you are someone who does not suffer from something like this, you are very lucky, and you should do your best to take care of your health as you move forward because you never know how good you have it until something bad happens, or you end up in a situation where things are never the same. That much I think we all need to keep in mind. People with chronic health issues overall tend to get stigmatized and often even made fun of because those on the outside looking in do not understand what it is they are facing and that in itself is not right.

This article is meant to help others understand those with these kinds of issues and well, these issues can come in a wide variety. However, those with chronic illness and/or chronic pain overall tend to have quite a few things in common. The ways in which they cope or work to get through the day often include some of the same things.

Below I am going to go over some of those things. For the average person, these are things we don’t typically think twice about but for someone with chronic health concerns/issues, they can be the difference between making it through the day properly or not. Sure, they might seem small but they for some make the biggest differences in the world. At the end of it all, medicine can only do so much.

11 Things That Hold The Key To Getting Through Life With Chronic Health Issues:

1. Taking things slow

Being able to slow down and take things slow as someone who suffers from a chronic health issue be it pain related or not is important. While these people want to keep pushing forth and doing things as they would or others would under different circumstances, they can’t. They have to slow down and be more careful overall.

2. Being able to say ‘no’

While they might not feel good about saying no to certain things, people with chronic health issues have to be aware of their own limits. They aren’t able to do things as they once did and it’s quite upsetting to them in many ways. They may want to keep tracking forth and doing things like they once did but that’s not possible depending on their circumstances. Letting that sink in and knowing when to say no is very important.

3. Being able to order things to their door

While we might not think about this often, there are people in this world who are unable to out to the store or to get the things they want. When they need something to eat they have to have it ordered and things of that sort. Sure, it might not sound like much but the ability to order things to your door for someone with chronic pain or illness is a truly marvelous thing.

4. Patience and lots of it at that

People with chronic health issues overall need a lot of patience. They have to be patient with others and with themselves. They must understand that not everyone is going to grasp what they’re going through.

5. Being comfortable in general

Sure, when we flop down on our beds getting comfortable usually takes no time at all but for someone with chronic health issues, it can be a real task. They may have to move several pillows around for a long period in order to get set up to where they feel they can actually fall asleep. Finding a sense of comfort is not always easy for those with chronic health issues but those with chronic health issues know to prioritize their comfort.

6. Earplugs

Depending on what someone is facing earplugs can be very useful. These will help that person get some rest when they’re finally able to lay down and try to sleep and so forth. Not everyone has the luxury of going to bed at night, some are kept up with things we as those without chronic issues could not fathom.

7. Music

When down and out or in serious pain sometimes music helps. People with chronic issues know this all too well. Music is something a lot of people with chronic issues turn to when they’re struggling.

8. Means of communication

While the outside world is moving forth and people are doing the things they have to do those with chronic health issues are sometimes unable to. They are limited and while they may get visitors, they still need means of communication and feel lonely often. Emailing, texting, calling, and so forth can really help brighten their days. This gives them something to do and allows them to feel closer to the people in their lives.

9. Acceptance and support from those who care

I know, this one should go without saying but for many it’s not easily found. People with chronic health issues need to be accepted and cared for by those around them. When someone refuses to learn and shuts them out it really hurts, that is never what they want from those who care about them.

10. Meditation

Meditation helps keep them out of their own minds and allows them some peace. For many meditation is a very powerful tool. Clearing your mind is something that can work wonders no matter what you’re going through.

11. Setting small goals and making sure to accomplish them

People with chronic issues overall might not be able to do things that everyone else can but that doesn’t mean they’re unable to set goals and make their dreams come true. They can still do a lot and work through many things. Setting small goals at first and working towards those can really help them get through the day.