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We might pretend to be happy and put on a smiling face but when we’re really happy, things we do stand out. The happier we are the more clear that happiness becomes, point-blank.

If you’re truly happy, the way you do things as a whole is different than how it would be otherwise. You move around in this world with a lighter aura and overall, other people might pick up on small things that you would never notice. Below I am going to go over some of the things I’ve come to understand that only those who are genuinely happy do, do you do these things?

10 Things People Who Are Actually Happy Tend To Have In Common:

1. They offer encouragement and do not judge.

Happy people are not the kinds of people who cut others down and break them apart. They do not judge and are always willing to help the people in their lives grow. That being said, they are not overbearing with it.

2. They do not expect too much from themselves.

Happy people know that they should have expectations for themselves but that those expectations should be realistic. They treat themselves as kindly as they do others. They know their own personal worth.

3. They are as present in the moment as possible.

Happy people are usually quite mindful overall. They are always working to make the most of the time before them. They know that tomorrow is not promised.

4. They value their time and efforts.

Happy people do not waste their efforts on people who do not want to change or who will not make the most of what is before them. Sure, they help others but they know their own limits and when their efforts are being wasted. This is very important.

5. They are patient with themselves.

Happy people are as patient with themselves as they are with others. They do not beat themselves down and instead work to grow through all they face. They are capable of seeing the bigger picture in most everything.

6. They celebrate things others achieve.

Happy people do not get upset when others accomplish things, they see the growth of others as a feat worth celebrating. They want to see people progress and make changes. They feel as happy for you as you are about what you’re experiencing.

7. They do not obsess over things they cannot change.

If a happy person cannot change something, they don’t obsess over it. They know that they can’t do anything about it, and so they learn from it and let it go. This is a very hard lesson for us to face, but it is a very important one to take on.

8. They don’t try to fix people.

Happy people know that other people are not going to let you fix them. They will fix themselves when they are ready. This in itself is not something you can force.

9. They are kind to the people who are closest to them.

Happy people do not treat the people in their close circle badly. They are kind and caring above all else. They support those who support them, period.

10. They understand that we grow through our experiences, good and bad.

Happy people are not always as happy as you might think they are. They too go through ups and downs. They know that the things this world brings our way happen for a reason and that as we face the challenges life puts before us, we grow.