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Grounding is also known as earthing and is something that refers to our electrical connection with the Earth itself. There are numerous health benefits to keeping your body grounded.

Grounding is being on direct skin contact with the earth itself. You can do this by walking barefoot or using your hands; how you do this is up to you. There are several different techniques that can be implemented in grounding.

While most people think it is outlandish that walking around barefoot could have such a huge impact on our health, it really can. When you begin practicing grounding as often as you can you will notice changes almost immediately. Below you will find a list of things that will happen once you finally take things into your own hands and give grounding a try.

10 Fantastic Things That Happen When You Start Grounding:

1. You improve your immune function

Grounding really helps your immune functions to stay on track. There have been tons of different studies carried out on this and each has obtained similar results. You can read all about it by clicking here.

2. Inflammation in your body begins to go away

Because of the influx of free electrons that come from grounding or earthing you are able to neutralize free radicals within your body and reduce inflammation. This is actually one of the best possible benefits.

3. You sleep better

If you suffer from any kind of sleep issue grounding might benefit you greatly. This is because it reduces cortisol levels. Researchers have found that people who are grounded while asleep were able to sleep much easier and better.

4. Your stress becomes less intense

Grounding is known to reduce stress. Being in nature in general also helps destress. If you are feeling overwhelmed take a nice long walk and clear your head.

5. Your digestion may improve

According to Dr. Gregory Melvin D.C. he has seen significant changes in patients with digestive tract disorders after just a few nights of sleeping grounded. This was something he noted could be seen on thermal imaging. Significant congestion can be cleared with minimal efforts.

6. Your blood circulation will improve

One study published back in 2013 found that grounding reduces blood viscosity and can help benefit heart health big time. There is a lot of emerging research that shoes direct contact with earth can have great benefits for our bodies. Grounding increases zeta potentials and reduces RBC aggression.

7. Your mood will improve

Grounding for just one hour alone is enough to boost your mood. You will be feeling happier and less irritable. This is a very good way to decrease anxiety and depression.

8. It will help you to lose weight

Intuition-Physician did a 10-week study in regards to the relationship between earthing and weight. They found that those who participated increased activity levels and were able to normalize their appetite. This, in other words, helped them to lose weight.

9. Symptoms of PMS will be reduced

Grounding can and will reduce headaches, irritability, and fatigue. It can also help with bloating and depression. This makes it ideal for PMS symptoms in general.

10. Wound and tissue repair/healing will become more rapid

Yes, it can and will help you recover depending on your injuries. Jeff Spencer, M.A., D.C. actually recommends earthing/grounding to almost everyone he treats. This includes football players and even marathon runners.