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Affirmations are such a powerful mindset tool, that they are used by psychologists, athletes, life coaches, and some of the most influential people in the world. Affirmations are powerful because they allow us to empower ourselves and our children through words.

Sometimes, life gets busy. We may forget to say the empowering words our kids need to hear, or we may just lose sight of the importance of using them. That is why it is never a bad day to begin a new affirmation practice. Each day, begin or end your child’s day with some words of affirmation. While they may seem simple to say, maybe even too simple, I assure you that you are putting good programming into your child’s mind that will benefit them immensely.

1. I love you.

2. You can do this.

3. You are confident and brave.

4. You will do great things today.

5. You are a problem-solver.

6. Your brain and body are powerful.

7. You may fail, but you will get back up again.

8. You are capable of doing hard things.

9. You are worthy of love.

10. You are in control of your own happiness.

When using words of affirmation, it’s important for you to help your children to use these phrases in affirmation form. What I mean is that you should say these words above to them, but when you do, help them use certain ones to empower themselves. Number one is the only one from the list that cannot be done this way and instead, is an affirmation you should speak to them.

For the others, have them phrase them in the first person. So, instead of “you are a problem solver,” have them say “I am a problem solver.” The reason I have worded them the way I have is, so you can begin by saying them to begin the process. Once you get into the habit, begin getting them to say the affirmations themselves.