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Oftentimes we hear ‘sex isn’t everything,’ and while I may agree with that, sex is, in fact, fundamentally important to the human body. There is a reason why we need it for our species to survive.

Because sex is part of who we are on an instinctual level, when we go without it, it can cause several things to happen in our body. Sex is also extremely beneficial to us. It helps to alleviate anxiety, it helps boost our circulation and helps us to bond with our partners for a stronger connection. Without sex, we become more than just ‘sexually frustrated,’ according to sex experts- it can cause our bodies to react weirdly.

Here are 6 things that happen to your body without sex, according to experts.

1. You become medically ‘touch-starved.’

Dr. Dulcinea Pitagora, a psychotherapist and sex therapist, told Insider that when people are used to having sex regularly and then going without – it affects their mental health. In turn, they end up with mental health problems, emotional problems, and several physical health effects.

2. You experience more aches and pains.

Rebecca Alvarez Story, the founder of the intimacy marketplace known as Bloomi says, “Sex is an effective remedy for pain, such as menstrual cramps, sore muscles, or headaches.” Without sex, our capacity for pain can drop, and we experience more of these types of pain.

3. Increase in blood pressure and stress.

Sex is major stress relief. “If you’re not having sex or engaging in other forms of exercise, you may see a rise in your [blood pressure and stress levels],” explains Story. “Also, if you aren’t getting ‘that release’, your stress levels may rise, which can cause a decrease in mood.”

4. Decreased prostate health.

Studies have shown that ejaculation frequency is intrinsically tied to prostate health. For those who ejaculated less, prostate issues were more prevalent. So, for men who are sexless, it might be beneficial to at least touch base with themselves more often.

5. Pelvic floor muscles might not stay in shape.

Did you know that all humans – even men have a pelvic floor? Additionally, without sex, we lose strength down there, making it harder and harder to have quality orgasms.

6. Lower sleep quality.

Having an orgasm from sex causes a massive release of hormones like oxytocin that allow us to sleep comfortably and fall asleep quickly. When we go without sex, it’s harder to fall asleep fast and stay asleep. And because of the lack of serotonin and norepinephrine, you will have less REM sleep which is the cycle of sleep, which is very important to our sleep quality.

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