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We all know July is and has been a very active month in the celestial world. This month will soon be coming to an end and a full blood moon is on the way.

This full moon is set to occur on the night of July 27th and as you most likely know, it will be a full blood moon with a total lunar eclipse. The energies being shoved our way during this time are not going to be easy to face. They will be stirring up well… everything and having us all feeling quite emotional at best.

This will be much stronger than any normal full moon, and it will be affecting all of us for at least a couple weeks. You might become overly aggressive or you might end up going through some kind of insane crisis. Regardless, you will be pushed over the edge. You see, this full moon is going to really increase the tension within our lives.

While we will not be able to see the total lunar eclipse here in the US, we will still feel its energies. Your emotions will be beating against the inside of your body as if you are ready to overflow. You will be dealing with a lot of miscommunication and stress during this time, so I would really hold off on important conversations. Nothing that you have been hiding will remain hidden, everything will feel as if it is ten times worse than it actually is.

For all the signs poor decision making and struggle can be expected, at least for a few days. Do not let your frustrations get the best of you, and if you must make a decision try to think things through properly and don’t rush into anything. Because of Saturn, being patient will not be as hard as it might normally be but since Mars is retrograding that tension I mentioned earlier will be much more intense.

As you may know, this total lunar eclipse will be the longest one of the century thus far. It will really bring change within your personal life, and it might not allow you to let go of any kind of emotional baggage you have been trying to move on from. While you will feel out of balance for a while, as time goes on things will begin to even out.