Our heart health is extremely important. It is something we often overlook but really need to pay close attention to.

About 610,000 people die of heart disease here in the United States every year. That according to the CDC is literally 1 in 4 deaths. Isn’t that insane?

Heart disease is the number one cause of death here in the US and it is something we all need to pay close attention to. Our heart is what keeps us going, without it we would not be able to function. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might need to get your heart health checked out. These are going to be signs that your heart is nowhere near as healthy as you want it to be.

If you are noticing these signs in your daily life do not hesitate to see a doctor. These things should be taken seriously and should never go overlooked. Pay attention to them in yourself and in the people closest to you.

13 Warning Signs That Your Heart Might Not Be As Healthy As You Think It Is:

1. Chest Pain

This kind of pain will be different for everyone and for some it might feel as mild as indigestion. It is a discomfort that only you can identify. Don’t let it go unnoticed.

2. Excessive Sweating

Sure, we all sweat but if you haven’t been doing anything to make yourself really sweat and you don’t normally sweat like this it could mean something terrible. Don’t ignore signs like this. Your body is making you aware of something and you should be paying attention.

3. Feeling Sick

Sure, not everytime you get nauseous will it be heart-related but sometimes it can be. If you are dealing with sudden nausea and chest pain you might need to look into it. There are lots of signs that go hand in hand that you need to know about.

4. Choking Sensation

Feeling like you are choking should be a red flag but not everyone sees it that way. That chest tightness you might be feeling is not always isolated to the chest. It can come as far up as the throat sometimes and really cause some serious breaking issues.

5. Pressure in Chest

Feeling pressure in your chest is one of the most common signs there are. This is something people dismiss and let go until it is too late and they are already having a massive attack. Do not leave this unchecked.

6. Stomach Pain

As mentioned above, that tightness/pressure can go as high as your throat but it can also go lower as well. You might experience pain in your abdomen or stomach. This varies from person to person.

7. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is also a very common symptom. If you are struggling to breathe in general you should be doing your best to figure out why don’t let it get to a severe point before getting things checked. This is never a good sign.

8. Leg Pain/Numbness

This can be a marker for several kinds of heart issues. You might only feel the pain when walking or it might be quite persistent, that varies but it is something you should always look into. It is a very common sign in those who smoke for some reason.

9. Racing Heartbeat

This is a really good indicator that there is something going on with your heart. Pay attention to the way it beats. You will notice if it is suddenly much more heavy or sporadic than usual. Don’t ignore this kind of thing.

10. Neck/Throat Pain

This one goes hand in hand with chest pain. The pain you are feeling is not always isolated to your chest. It can come in many different places.

11. Fainting

Regardless of the reasons when we are fainting we should get it checked out. People with heart issues might faint frequently or just a time or two. Don’t be the kind of person who refuses to go see a doctor after, it might save your life.

12. Dizziness

If you are becoming dizzy out of nowhere and are experiencing any of the things listed above you should be considering your heart. Becoming disoriented in any way should be a red flag. This could have something to do with your heartbeat itself and needs looked into.

13. Shoulder Aches

Because our shoulders are opposite our chest they tend to become achy and painful as well. When our chest hurts out shoulders might as well. Do not cast this off as some kind of mere minor issue if you don’t know that it isn’t something more. Always be on the safe side of things.


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