If you’ve ever looked into your zodiac sign you know that you are made up of a lot of traits. We can learn a lot about one another through literally looking to the stars.

Some of the traits we have are great but not all of them. Each zodiac sign has good and bad traits, and not all are necessarily non-physical. Below I am going to go over your most physically attractive trait. This is what makes people really drawn to you and helps you to stand out big time.


Your best physical trait is your legs. They really stick out and people notice them quickly. They really work to personify how hardworking you are, you are always on your feet.


Your best physical trait is your hands. You have strong but gentle hands. They are used to comfort those who need you and you use them constantly.


Your best physical trait is your eyes. They really help you to communicate with those around you. Sometimes you speak with your eyes and never even have to open your mouth.


Your smile is your best physical trait. Your smile shows how heartfelt your intentions are. You are so compassionate and it really shows. You are kind to everyone who comes your way.


Your eyebrows are your best physical trait. They show your intent and are very bold. They show just how intense you really are and bring an image to the fire within.


Both Virgo men and women have backs that can make someone (excuse the rhyme) stop in their tracks. There is something magnificent about their stature, and how their spines elegantly align their shoulders.


Your best physical trait is your youth. You look young regardless of your age. This is because you know how to properly take care of yourself. You do your best to be as healthy as possible and refuse to let stress get to you.


Your hair is your best physical trait. It draws people in and has a beautiful shine to it. Your hair really sets you apart from the rest of the world. It completely changes the perception people have of you. You gain a lot of confidence through it and take proper care of it.


Your arms are your best physical trait. They are rugged and tell a story unlike those of most people. They are something you might not often think too much about but other people find fascinating. Because you spend a lot of time wondering when someone is finally able to lock arms with you things get intense.


Your best physical trait is your nose. You have one of those noses that are not too big or too small. It has the perfect shape and it accentuates the rest of your face quite well. People are always complimenting you on the shape of your nose.


Your best physical trait is your cheeks. They have a wonderful structure and shape to them. Your bones are set exactly where they need to be and everything fits perfectly. I guess we could say you are kind of beautiful.


Your hips are your best physical trait. They don’t necessarily stand out but when you want them to be seen they are quite noticeable. They drive people wild when they are brought to their attention and make the person seem much more warm and comfortable.



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