Have you ever taken the time to look into your Mercury sign? For those who do not know, your Mercury sign is the sign that Mercury was in during the time of your birth.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. It is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. It is a planet that holds a lot for each and every one of us. Mercury is in charge of opportunities, communication, and day-to-day expression.

Now that Mercury is no longer retrograding it is the perfect time to see what might be in store for you based on your Mercury sign. To calculate your natal chart click here. This will tell you what your mercury sign is. For instance, while my sun sign is Gemini my Mercury sign is Cancer. Once you have your Mercury sign, continue on to see what it has to say about your love life.

Mercury Aries

People who were born with Mercury in Aries are most often people who get along well with Sagittarius and Leos. You are someone that says what you mean and means what you say. You do not like to cut up and when it comes to love you are a bit too direct with communication. You don’t sugar coat things in the ways you sometimes need to. You tend to get in too deep with people who aren’t on the same level as you are.

Mercury Taurus

People who were born with Mercury in Taurus spend most of their time focusing on improvements rather than the things that should matter to them. They lose sight of how special the people they have before them are. They are too stubborn and it holds them back a lot. They are slow to move forward with others and simply suck when it comes to romance. While they do tend to get along and work well with Virgos and Capricorns, they just fall behind in too many ways.

Mercury Gemini

People who were born with Mercury in Gemini are a bit too picky for their own good. They don’t let others ‘in’ in the ways they should. They close themselves off and put on a good show. They are great at communication but that only takes them so far. When it comes to love they don’t often find many people on their level. They do well with other Geminis but even then clashing is a very real possibility.

Mercury Cancer

People who were born with Mercury in Cancer can’t stand Aries or Libras. They do not do well with people who are closed off and rigid. They are very sensitive and very feeling oriented. They come across as much more emotional than they are and it can be a problem when it comes to romance. They struggle to find someone who doesn’t mind the clinginess. Other Cancers usually work well with them but for some reason, they are usually drawn to Scorpios.

Mercury Leo

People who were born with Mercury in Leo speak their mind and are always in charge. They do not do well with people who like to take the reins or spotlight. They want to be at the top of their game no matter what and are very prideful in many ways. They tend to be more suited for Aries or in some cases Libras.

Mercury Virgo

People who were born with Mercury in Virgo are not good at communicating and so that makes love hard for them to find. They tend to sell themselves short and come off as controlling or high-strung. People are not drawn to them like they are others but sometimes they can be social butterflies. They usually go for Taurus’ or Pisces but every once in a blue moon they find a different sign that fits into their lives perfectly.

Mercury Libra

People who were born with Mercury in Libra are people pleasers in every sense of the word. When they care for someone they do all they can to make that person happy. They whether succeeding or not do far more than they should for others. They usually end up being taken advantage of by people like the Gemini but can work well with Aquarius’.

Mercury Scorpio

People who were born with Mercury in Scorpio are always looking for someone to love. They crave the connection that comes with it. They are very optimistic and tend to be quite passionate lovers. They can usually make just about anyone fall for them. While other Scorpios can be a bit tricky they are usually perfect for Cancers and Leo.

Mercury Sagittarius

People who were born with Mercury in Sagittarius are very detail oriented people. They are free thinkers who tend to be quite flighty. They don’t like to be tied down and because of this don’t usually do well in relationships. They can work with some signs but usually, it’s just a person to person basis. They have to find someone that clicks properly with their being.

Mercury Capricorn

People who were born with Mercury in Capricorn are strong and somewhat naive. They fall for people who usually screw them over and are quick to trust others. They can be easily frustrated but basically do it to themselves. They tend to go for Scorpios and Cancers when they should be aiming for Virgos and other Capricorns.

Mercury Aquarius

People who were born with Mercury in Aquarius are unconventional at best. They love to break the rules and because of this usually, struggle in relationships unless things are really serious. They are seemingly dramatic and tend to contradict others a lot. You just never know what you’re getting into with them. They usually do well with Geminis though because of the way Geminis see other people.

Mercury Pisces

People who were born with Mercury in Pisces are good communicators that love to express themselves. They are usually very warm and inviting. They are easy to fall for but once they get comfortable they become a bit much. That being said, Cancers love them.

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