Your Life is Not a Journey According to Alan Watts

By August 12, 2017 Spirituality

“When we get to looking at everything in terms of survival and profit as we do, then, the shapes of scratches on the floor cease to have magic…” Alan Watts: Acceptance of Death.

We often look at life like it’s a journey, putting it on a timeline that stretches from birth to death, present being the middle. We view birth as being the most simple time in our lives and the rest of the time we are focused on the future. Some us even have problems with dwelling on the past and accepting the things we cannot change. Life was never meant to be a journey of survival and profit, and we never even acknowledge what’s important; the Now. We are all so focused on setting ourselves up in the future or recovering from something that happened in the past – and it defeats the whole purpose of life.

Sometimes we get confused about happiness and try to acquire it through materialistic things or money. People have the illusion that happiness is an achievement and you have to work to get there. Happiness is not a prize or a reward. Many people think that if you do not achieve a high rank in social status or wealth, but this is horrendously false. Happiness is always there, no matter what the circumstances. You have the ultimate control, so stop thinking you’re going to be happy when you have a good job, a new car, or move houses, but you won’t be.

Life is not about making a living, it’s about living in general! It is impossible to earn happiness because you already have it. All you have to do is dance when the music is turned on. Enjoy life, and give up on the pursuit of happiness. The only real way to be happy when you’re not, is by working on your conscious self and your own perception. After all, perception is reality, so viewing your life as a bad life, ultimately makes it a bad life. If you think you have a good life, you have a good life!

Like Alan Watts said, “Life was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing or dance while the music was being played. So don’t forget to make the time to dance to the music and stop worrying about tomorrow. Stop worrying about tomorrow as tomorrow and plans for tomorrow can have no real significance at all unless you are in full contact with the present that you live in.”

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