We all have a favorite color, you know, that one color that sticks out more than the rest whether we like to admit it or not.

According to something called color psychology, our favorite color represents a lot of traits about us. For instance, people who favor the color red are more determined in general. Color psychology is something that is quite well known, but it is not as explored as it should be. Different colors can and do even impact our brain in making decisions which explains why color psychology is on some level taken into consideration in the world of marketing.

Below you will find a list of colors and the things those colors mean for the people drawn to them. What is your favorite color and what does that mean for you? Mine is purple!


If this is your favorite color then you are most likely someone who holds things is more than he or she should. You are someone who deals with a lot of self-denial and struggles to create an aura of mystery. People who like this color tend to be somewhat withholding to be completely honest.


This color is quite neutral and those who like it tend to be overly cold. It is an unfriendly color overall. People who like this color are often quite sophisticated in their own minds.


This color is associated with royalty and symbolizes ambition and luxury. It seems to bring about a sense of calmness to most and people who are very creative are often drawn to it. Those who like this color also tend to be quite introverted.


This color represents growth and renewal. It shows that you are an independent thinker and that you are also someone who struggles with his or her emotions. You are someone who is well focused on life and impatient. You are often able to communicate quite well and share information with those around you.


You are someone who is very energetic and passionate. You are often able to find strength more-so than others and are quite courageous. Red is a very dominant color and it matches you well.


Those who like this color are often a bit irrational. They are very emotionally strong and friendly, but can also be a bit too much for others. They are, however, cowards for the most part.


This color brings about a high amount of positivity. Those who are drawn to this color are often able to get over setbacks easily and are quite the joker. With that being said, they are also a bit inconsistent.


Those who like this color are often quite sympathetic and always looking for meaning in life. It is a very peaceful color and those who enjoy it also tend to be hopeless romantics. Does that sound like you? These people are extremely unique.


Those who like pink are often more optimistic than most and like it because of how it reminds them of sweetness and innocence. Pink is a very ‘vulnerable’ color. I personally don’t know anyone who has pink as a favorite color.

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