While most people aren’t going to think too much about leaving water bottles in their cars, there are hidden dangers in doing so. Chances are you’ve never thought about this kind of thing before.

Leaving plastic bottles or even glass bottles in your car can be a fire hazard. Sure, this isn’t going to be much of an issue during the winter but as far as summer goes this is something far more people need to know about. With the heat of this summer reaching all-time highs in many places the last thing we need is someone’s car catching on fire.

Recently the Idaho Power Company has been sending out warning reminding people of these dangers. You see, back in 2017 Dioni Amuchastegui a technician for the company noticed a water bottle causing a fire right on the seat of his truck. While he did catch it in time, it was already smoking and could have ended badly if he wasn’t there to stop it.

He was merely eating lunch in the truck on a hot day and noticed smoke out of the corner of his eye. When he looked over he noticed that the light refracting through his water bottle in the seat next to him was causing the seat to literally catch on fire. All that is needed is a clear bottle and a little sunlight for the right amount of time. This is not something anyone would expect to happen even though after you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Doing your part to think about the placement of your bottled waters while in the car and actually taking them out when you’re going inside will make a huge difference. No one wants their car to catch on fire and no one wants to risk hurting someone in the long run because of some crazy fire that ends up potentially spreading somehow. When it comes to leaving bottles in the car, you should be better safe than sorry.


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