I know, sometimes you may question how important you are and you may not see things as clearly as you should but we are all only human. We all deserve the things we put forth into this world back in return.

You are a kind person who helps all who are in need. You would give the shirt off of your back if it would make a difference in someone’s life and you always go into things with good intentions. You don’t waste people’s time and you’re one of the purest souls around.

When you’re down and out you put on a happy face and still try to keep it together for the sake of those you love the most and you’re never unjust. You may not always see it as you should but you are truly worth so much in this world and to those who truly know you. You provide comfort to the people around you and you know when speaking up is necessary.

You deserve someone who sees your worth and respects you in every possible way because you are truly a light in this dark world. You are someone who goes around lifting others up and you deserve the same in return. You shouldn’t be going to be with tears in your eyes or a heavy heart. You should feel proud of the differences you make and spend those nights wrapped in the arms of someone true.

Instead of settling for people who need to be fixed but refuse to work on themselves, you should be working to surround yourself with those who are willing to be there by your side when you’re at your weakest. The people who can see through that fake smile and are going to be there to help you through whatever this world throws your way.

You might not have it yet but in time it will be before you, a love that makes all your past loves meaningless. A love that feeds your soul in ways nothing else ever has. You deserve someone who gives you a peace of mind that you’ve been unable to find and you are going to have that someday. Giving up isn’t an option and even if you dismiss this, that love will find you someday.

While right now you might not be putting yourself first, in the future someone will love and care for you enough to put you first always. The more you believe in yourself the stronger this truth will grow. You’re one of the most deserving people on this planet and the love you crave so deeply isn’t just a fairytale, it’s coming just wait.

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