We are all different but when it comes down to our core we are one of these 5 personality types. Sure, our individuality sets us apart from everyone else, but we all are similar in one way or another.

The 5 main personality types I am referring to are as follows:

  • Intelligent (Smart and to the point)

  • Emotional (Always takes things too hard)

  • Introvert (Shy and reserved.

  • Extrovert (Outgoing and super explorative)

  • Creative (Understanding of the world and the beauty that it holds)

While off the top of your head you may assume you know which of these you are, but the truth is you really don’t know. There could be another personality type of which you are a better match. To gain a better understanding of your own mind work through the questions in the quiz below.

The answers you give us to each question will help us to determine exactly what personality type you fit into best. Remember to give each question some real thought and take don’t rush yourself. Enjoy!

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