Something terrible seems to be happening in more recent times. Several dead great white sharks have turned up along the stretch of coastline in South Africa.

All of these carcasses having something in common, as they are all missing organs. Their livers seem to have been removed with a very good deal of precision and some were even missing their hearts and other things of the sort. After being discovered,  autopsies were carried out by the Dyer Island Conservation Trust team that is led by White Shark biologist Alison Towner. The most recent shark found was back in June and according to the team’s Facebook page, was missing not only its liver but also its testes and stomach as well.

This shark body was about 13.5 foot long and the third largest of the victims that have been found thus far. The largest was actually around 16 foot and was the largest to be dissected in South Africa, ever. That being said, because of the wounds on the carcasses and so forth it is believed that orcas are actually to blame for these odd deaths.

The Marine Dynamics’ post reads as follows:

“The pair of orcas believed to be responsible were sighted offshore of Danger Point then again in Franskraal today.”

Marine Dynamics cage diving boat tracked the pair. Subsequently, all cage diving boats failed to see white sharks today and it is believed the sharks may have fled the area once again.”

This is the latest killing spree we have heard of and it will most likely continue for some time. It is quite strange that these orcas are going after great whites and in time we hope to understand why this is happening. It is strange even more-so considering the amount of energy an orca would waste killing a great white.

That being said, it is not unlike orcas to kill for sake of specific organs. I guess you could say they are a bit picky about that aspect. However, the idea if this, in general, is a bit unnerving. What do you think about all of this? While we have not heard of another carcass washing up within the past few months that is not to say there will be none as time passes.

Could there be a reason behind these killings or do you think the orcas just like the taste of great white livers? I for one cannot wait to see what the verdict ends up being.

(Image Via: Marine Dynamics)

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