Unless you were born yesterday, it’s likely that you have seen President Trump’s outrageous Twitter posts; however, it seems he may have went a bit far this time. While we have not heard much about Iran in recent time, it seems things may be heating up again.

Just earlier this month, Iranian President Rouhani warned Trump that he should not do anything to escalate tension between Iran and the US and mentioned that confrontation with the Islamic Republic would be quite tragic. After all of this, Trump went to Twitter and ranted a bit, and he posted something about threats being made by the Iranian President that you can check out below. This after several exchanges back and forth.

This Tweet was responded to by the foreign minister of Iran who called his behavior dangerous, and you can see his response Tweet as follows. This increasing tension between the US and Iran which has been consistently growing as is since we pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal back in 2015. While you would assume things might stop here, you would be very wrong letting things die down does not quite seem like an option at the moment.

From here, a Senior Iranian military commander went as far as to warn that Iran is prepared to launch a war against the US. Mr. Qassem Soleimani says that if the US wants to start a war ‘Iran will finish it.’ He has been reported by many agencies as having made several comments following the presence of these Tweets online during a speech in Hamedan. He spoke out on the issue and made sure to get his point across.

Soleimani said as follows according to Express:

 “As a soldier, it is my duty to respond to Trump’s threats. If he wants to use the language of threat, he should talk to me, not to president Hassan Rouhani.”

“What could you have done against Iran in the past 20 years that you haven’t done already? At the end, the victory belonged to the Iranian nation.”

“You know that this war will destroy all that you possess. You will start this war but we will be the ones to impose its end. Therefore you have to be careful about insulting the Iranian people and the president of our Republic.”

“You know our power in the region and our capabilities in asymmetric war. We will act and we will work.”

“Trump should know that we are nation of martyrdom and that we await him.”

Image via The Tower

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