Anneke Lucas lived through a nightmare that most of us can’t even begin to understand, working as a child sex slave for the elite. Today, she speaks out and shares her story in an effort to raise awareness for child sex trafficking victims around the world.

Her story is difficult for many to hear. As a young girl in Belgium, she was betrayed by the one person that she should have been able to trust to protect her and keep her safe – her own mother. Instead, her mother sold her into a pedophile network. In fact, it was her mother who would drive her to calls.

When asked about the clients that she was forced to serve, Lucas explains that they didn’t fall into the common stereotype of being dirty, disgusting bottom feeders. In fact, the child sex ring that she was sold into was in place to serve the elite of the elite including popular faces from television, local politics and even a member of the royal family. It’s a dark side of the lives of the powerful that most weren’t aware of, and it was the reality that she entered into at just 6 years old.

Unlike many who suffer in a similar nightmare, Lucas was given a second chance. A year-long ‘relationship’ with a man she knew as ‘the gangster’ was coming to an end, a year full of intimacy, violence, manipulation, and abuse. It was at this stage of her life that the sex ring no longer had a use for her, and Lucas was to be tortured and killed. However, in a move that many continue to struggle to wrap their minds around, ‘the gangster’ made a deal with her boss, agreeing to work for him in exchange for her freedom.

He provided her with a list of the information she would need if she were to survive, a list that included keeping her mouth shut, or she would ultimately be hunted down and killed. Unfortunately, she later found out that his compassion was seen as weakness, and he was killed not long after. She moved around the world, seeking to find a life after these atrocities – living in London, Paris, Los Angeles and New York.

It was in New York that she first opened up to a therapist, sharing the horrors of her past. In doing so, she felt empowered – the start of her journey to healing. Not only did she continue to talk to this therapist, but she also began a treatment routine including psychotherapy, yoga, writing, and meditation.

As she worked through her feelings, emotions, and experiences, she then took the step to start talking to the outside world, sharing her knowledge of trauma, sex trafficking and child sex abuse with the general public. In doing so, she would not only educate the world about a dark secret most were oblivious to, but she would also help fight back to keep other children safe from being victims of a similar fate while also assuring other survivors that they aren’t alone.

Today, Lucas has developed an effective means of sharing any healing necessary to help reverse trauma known as the Unconditional Model. She has also published her first book, ‘The Deaf Musician’ in Dutch, her native language, and she founded Liberation Prison Yoga, an organization that works to bring healing to those in the American prison system. She is a true inspiration, and, as she often states in her interviews, she’s not done!

Feature Image Source: Real Women Real Stories | YouTube

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