Woman Murderer Considered So Dangerous That She’ll Be Jailed With Men

Women killers seem to be a rare breed, however, when one is discovered, it’s likely that she will be quite dangerous, and Estibaliz Carranza is no different. Actually, she is considered so dangerous that she will be moved to an all-male prison.

38-year-old Carranza, dubbed the ‘Ice cream killer’, became so upset with her husband, and one-time lover after they were unable to impregnate her that she chopped them both into pieces with her chainsaw. She then placed them in a freezer under her ice cream parlor with air freshener to hide the scent. When her neighbors asked about the chainsaw noises, she brushed it off as a new ice cream machine in her parlor.

Then, in 2012, she was sentenced to life in prison for her crimes. Once convicted, she was sent to a woman’s prison in Scwarzenau, Austria. However, now officials believe her to be so dangerous, that she will be moved to an all men’s prison. The Mexican-born citizen of Austria will be placed in a facility that currently houses 91 male prisoners, with 13 female inmates en route.

The prison staff includes 45 nurses, 18 therapists, four doctors and eight prison guards. Prisoners are able to cook meals together in their cells, and come and go as they please throughout the grounds.

But, she was only approved to be moved after she was able to show that she had an “advanced reduction of relevant dangerousness.”

Despite being said to fully accept her crimes, according to court psychologist Heidi Kastner, it is believed that she would be likely to kill again if free. Kastner also explained that therapy would pose no benefit to the inmate. But, her lawyers Rudolf Mayer and Werner Tomanek believe she has made great progress during her incarceration.

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