WikiLeaks Hints At Dropping 9/11 Bombshell

Wikileaks is known for their cryptic messages, however, the latest string of tweets may be among the most mysterious. Wikileaks’ Twitter account just recently started tweeting #Vault7 messages with cryptic photos, and no one is sure what Wikileaks is hinting about.

The tweets have are sparking all sorts of theories ranging from post-apocalyptic in nature to more conspiracy laden. One can only speculate that Wikileaks has something juicy in store for the public very soon.

An anonymous account named “AnonScan” gave their input, tweeting out even more cryptic material and a riddle with several videos, including one that shows Assange calling the U.S. government, and warning the state department of a massive un-redacted cable leak that isn’t from them.

The video ends with “It’s time,” and echoed term that has previously been tweeted by Snowden as well. The group’s riddle, “the answer is there right in front of you if you know the alphabet google is your friend… or maybe not,” which could possible suggest that Google may have blocked viewing these bases, as they have done for other U.S. military bases and facilities.

If you do a quick Google search for Vault 7, you will find that it is a seed vault for doomsday, the exact facility that Wikileaks tweeted out a picture of is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

Theories about Vault 7 Range from 9/11 to Hillary Clinton to Shadow Government

There are quite a few theories circulating about what these #Vault7 tweets could mean. Here are some of those theories.


In the third tweet, the engine was an F119, and these theorists point out that 119 backward is 911. They also reference Building 7, which has been the source of many 9/11 conspiracy theories, including a conspiracy that there was a “vault of gold” beneath the building. A more likely explanation is that the photo was chosen because jet engine was being tested in a room sometimes called a “vault.”

The fifth tweet features a photo of someone welding, which some believe is a reference to a conspiracy theory about an angled cut on a World Trade Center bean. The “box blade” he is welding, some say, might also be a reference to box cutters used on 9/11.

Government Spending or Military Involvement

A new theory, derived from the fifth tweet, is that Wikileaks is going to release something related to government spending or military projects. The fifth tweet referenced a photo from Whiteman Air Force Base, which talked about government spending. In addition, the host unit for the base is the 509th Bomb Wing, which operates B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber. Whiteman is the only permanent base for the B-2. B-2 bombers were used in October 2001 in Afghanistan.

Shadow Government

CNBC reported in October that a new FBI release feature claims of a “shadow government” composed of high-ranking state officials, whom some referred to as “The 7th Floor Group.”

Mass Extinction Event

Some have said that it might be a reference to the next mass extinction event following the sixth, which some scientists say we are already in the middle of. The theory is connected to the first tweet, which showed the seed vault, and proposes that #Vault7 has something to do with climate change.

It remains to be seen which theory about Vault 7, if any, will end up being true. There is also a chance that the pictures might not provide any clues at all, and Wikileaks might simply be showing pictures of well-known vaults to go with its tweets about #Vault7.

This story will be updated when we know more.

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