Emotional ab*se is not easy to deal with and can be very hard to overcome but that doesn’t mean that the situation itself cannot be broken down and explained. There can be many different things driving emotional abuse and far more methods to it than a lot of us realize.

Emotional ab*se is not excusable but working to better understand why it happens can help those who have dealt with it to get the closure they need in regards. Whether you’re facing someone who ignores you all the time and shuts you out or someone who is constantly criticizing you and bringing you down, you need to know that it’s not your fault. You are not to blame for the things you’ve gone through or are going through.

When someone emotionally ab*ses their partner it can be because they did not learn how to properly treat others and deal with their own emotions as children or perhaps they were even severely mistreated themselves. While some people resort to this kind of thing because of their narcissistic ways or other means diving into the mental health of someone isn’t necessarily always a good idea.

You can’t just diagnose someone based on your experiences with them, sometimes that in itself is something we need to leave unknown. When this kind of thing happens those who are the victim are blamed by the person inflicting harm on them. For instance, ‘I’m mad because of something you refused to do or did and so it’s all your fault’ or ‘I did this but you did that.’ They in their own minds are able to justify their reactions by making it about you rather than about them.

In regards to emotional abuse Better Help wrote as follows on their website:

You didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s not your fault that this is happening to you. There are many people who have survived many kinds of @buse including escaping an @busive marriage due to [email protected], elder abuse, or child @buse. They’ve still come out on the other side.

Stop blaming yourself for how someone is mistreating you. Emotional @buse often involves covert passive-aggressive behaviors that aren’t easily perceived. It’s not your fault. One of the ways you can begin to cope and heal from the abuse is by learning to recognize the effects of emotional and psychological abuse, and the next step is to seek professional help as this kind of abuse rarely occurs as a single event.

This kind of thing is not okay and you shouldn’t be putting up with it or sitting by allowing it to happen. Whether your @buser was in some kind of harsh situation as a kid or in a previous relationship shouldn’t give him/her a free pass to treat you badly. Sure, they might be nervous and self-conscious but you shouldn’t let them use that as a reason to wage psychological war on you.

You are a human being, you matter and so does your well-being. Do not let your partner glorify his or her power over you, be true to yourself and hold your own above all else. Those who refuse to care for us on an emotional, as well as physical level, do not deserve our love and that is a fact.

The ‘why’ doesn’t matter as much as we make it out to but the ‘how’ in regards to ‘how’ we move on can move mountains if we do it properly. Find yourself and break free, emotional @buse isn’t okay. Are you stuck in a situation you should be working to get out of? For more information on emotional @buse please check out the video below.

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