The concept of vision and perception is one that has fascinated scientists and psychologists for years. A handful of different people could all look at the exact same image, drawing completely different conclusions. These conclusions are reflective of how our minds work, what we are currently feeling or the underlying focus that we have on the world around us. One of the best examples of this theory at work is the Rorschach test or the ‘inkblot test.’ Shown an image of an ambiguous ink blot, the image that people perceive in that inkblot can reveal significant information about them on a psychological level.

Today, we see this same theory put to work in a number of fun online quizzes circulating the internet. These quizzes generally include an image, asking you to identify the first thing that you see. This works with the same idea as the inkblot test – by paying attention to what part of the picture your eyes and mind are drawn to, you reveal an interesting insight into your innermost thoughts. Your mind interprets the image based on its own perception, experience, and focus.

Have you ever wondered what you truly need and desire in this life? While the question sounds like it should be easy to answer, after all, it is your desires that we are talking about, many find this much harder to answer than they may have originally anticipated. By determining what you truly desire in this life, you empower yourself to focus on the necessary steps to obtain it, setting yourself up for happiness and success. Try this simple image test and discover what it has to say about what you are searching for.

Look at this image – What do you see first?

Don’t allow yourself to think about it or analyze. Simply look at the image quickly and take note of the very first thing that stands out. Keeping this in mind, read on to discover what that reveals about what you are searching for in life.

The Face

Those who first see the face are long-term thinkers focused on the big picture rather than spending their time with the finer details. You love setting goals for yourself, and you thrive on the feeling of accomplishment that you get when you achieve them. You are likely super committed to your career, determined to come out on top in whatever it is that you have set your mind upon. Know that this dedication is admirable, however, you also need to be prepared for the possibility of failure along the way. Remember that a set back doesn’t mean that your goals are lost, it’s merely an opportunity for growth and adjustment.

You place value on the material things in your life, and there is nothing wrong with this. After all, if you are working hard to earn a good income then you should have the opportunity to enjoy it. It’s not that you always need to have the best of the best or keep up with your neighbors, but you like the feeling of having a large house with beautiful landscaping, a nice car to drive and the latest toys and gadgets to play with. Use these things as motivation, setting goals that you need to achieve before making your next purchase. This can help you to be even more successful than you already are.

Don’t forget about the people in your life. A life of wealth and status may be tempting, but it is far less fulfilling when you have no one to share it with. Take some time out of your busy schedule to connect with people and build meaningful relationships.

The Dog

If the first thing you notice is the dog curled up in the picture, then you have an incredible attention to detail. This has allowed you to learn and grow throughout your life, picking up on even the most subtle of life lessons when they present themselves. You don’t take anything in life for granted, taking the time to stop and appreciate every opportunity and situation that you are presented with. For this reason, you are often seen as a happy, joyful person, full of gratitude.

Much like the relaxed dog in the image, you seek a life of peace and tranquility. You aren’t interested in the hustle bustle of corporate America, or the drama that often comes in large social situations. Instead, you want to find that one ‘special someone’ and settle down building a happy and fulfilling life together. Your dreams aren’t big or elaborate – you don’t need the most expensive cars or the mansion on the hill (although you do appreciate a little luxury from time to time). Instead, you would be completely content with a partner that loves and respects you, a life that you can be proud of and a feeling of self-fulfillment.

Take the time to discover the things that make you passionate about this life, whether it’s a hobby or an important cause, and pursue them. This is where you will find your fulfillment, making a difference in something that speaks to your heart and soul.

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