This whole year so far has been quite confusing and stressful, right? Chances are you’ve been on edge for most of it and are ready for energies to begin dying down.

Source: Astrograph


As this month begins we have been feeling a bit reminiscent of the past. Things that we have not thought about in a very long time are on our minds and we don’t quite understand why. This is because of the energies still lingering from the July total lunar eclipse. As we move into the second week of August these energies will be all but gone as the partial solar eclipse will be doing its thing.

We need to make the most of the partial solar eclipse to come on the 11th of this month. It is going to push us to really move forward and figure things out. If you use this energy for good I promise, something amazing will happen to you. Just be willing to give yourself the time you need.

Peak of the Perseids meteor shower will also occur the same day/night and the night following the solar eclipse which brings forth wishing power and really pushes us to make space in our lives for change. As the month gets closer to its end a couple planets will be coming out of retrograde, mercury being the main one. This will have you letting go of toxic people and situations so that you can truly better yourself. This month is all about really clearing the clutter from your life and seeing yourself for who you truly are.

Now, to mark the near end of the month there will be a full moon and the energies radiating from it should be more than enough to really provide us all with the cleansing we have been needing. To learn more about the energies before you please feel free to check out the video below. While tension will be high for a minute everything will work out just fine and going into September should be quite relaxing in the end.

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