For those who do not know this polar vortex we are currently facing here in the United States is a prevailing wind pattern that circles the Arctic, it flows from west to east all the way around the Earth. While it normally keeps cold air towards the North Pole but sometimes this vortex becomes weak.

Because that vortex has become weak it is allowing the cold air to pour down across Canada as well as the United States. This right in the middle of a bomb cyclone on the East Coast has us all pretty damn cold. This ‘deep freeze’ is similar to the one that caused severe temperatures across Eastern US back in winter of 2016. Seems to be a patter more recently now doesn’t it? This storm itself has drawn several lobes of the polar vortex over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, that means that cold air is going to be coming from Siberia, the North Pole, and Greenland to where we are.

A bomb cyclone for those who do not know is a storm that drops roughly 24 millibars of pressure over a 24 hour period. And what forecasters are worried about with this one is that the pressure levels could be on the same level as Hurricane Sandy. A bomb cyclone is essentially a winter ice hurricane, and it is great at pulling cold down from above.

Forecasts expect temperatures to be around 20 to 40 degrees below the normal marking this as the coldest winter so far. Record cold temperatures will be met this weekend, so it it important to be aware of this and all that this storm has brought our way. The Polar Vortex is not something to take lightly. Please do your best to stay as warm as you can.

While the video below is a bit old it does a great job of explaining why we are cold in current times. The bomb cyclone did indeed shake things up causing the polar vortex to affect even us in the United States. As if the bomb cyclone wasn’t already enough? What do you think about all of this? I for one will be staying inside as much as I can.

Image Via: NOAA)

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