It seems that the global temperature could change a lot more than we realize it can. What do you think the world would be like if there was a 4°C rise in the average temperature?

Well, I recently came across a map by the British journal New Science that put things into perspective. With just a mere 4 degrees Celcius temperature increase the population of the Arctic could go from 4 million to 400 million. Europe would slowly be turning into a desert and places like South India would basically be all but abandoned at this point.

While this map is a bit older, it still holds a message we all need to be aware of. Lots of recent reports point to Antarctica turning green in modern times and it is something we need to be taking seriously. In a world where tons of people try to deny or argue that climate change is as serious (or even real) no major changes are being made, not in the ways they need to be.

Yes, this map shows a lot of things we do not want to see but it also shows us that there is some hope. Sure, many of us would be saying goodbye to places we call home as these issues persist but there will be a place for us to go at least for a little while. Sadly, most of the US and the rest of South America would, without doubt, be turned into uninhabitable deserts. Just look at the map for yourself below, isn’t it interesting?



Sure, no one knows for sure what the world will look like but this seems to be a pretty fair assessment. It looks as if there will be a lot of forced human migration and a big shift in well, everything. You see, the green areas are places in which food would still be able to grow and so forth. We would still be able to function on some level at this point.

Big Think even made a very good point about the bright side (while small) of a 4 degrees increase:

“A warmer climate could even lead to reforestation in certain areas of the world, including the Sahel and Western Australia. The regions abandoned to desertification are empty, but not useless: they will be used for solar farming (green dots) and geothermal energy (red dots). Giant wind farms off the coasts of South America, Alaska and in the North Sea will generate the remainder of the planet’s energy needs.”

What do you think about all of this? While a mere 4 degrees increase would do a lot the fact that the increase would not stop there is still reason for us to be concerned. Life as we know it is changing, the severe droughts, major floods, and unprecedented heat waves will not be fun to go through. Life with a 4 degrees increase in temperature would be beyond hard to cope with.

(Image Via: New Science)

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