This article is not to argue the place we are all holding in Syria or whether one country is doing good while another is not. Clearly, there is a lot more going on that could fuel a war with Russia than we are even aware of.

Now, the question at hand is what would really occur if things with Russia turned nuclear? What if Russia attacked the US with say, a nuclear bomb? Well, it seems researcher Joshua Paniagua has this all figured out.

He created a scenario that would basically summarize the events in themselves if global nuclear war were to occur. Now to begin with over 2000 nuclear devices would be detonated be that on our side or someone else’s. These would end up striking highly populated areas and within minutes hundreds of millions of people would lose their lives.

Weapons would be launched back and forth while the people suffer and die. This would be something that affected the whole world in one way or another. Massive firestorms may even end up becoming a reality.

Hundreds of cities would be completely blown away and radioactive smoke would come up out of the rubble to end up deep within the stratosphere. This would cause minimum daily temperatures in the largest agricultural regions of the Northern Hemisphere to drop below freezing. This is not something that would just go away, it would last for years. Frosts would happen nightly and food would be unable to grow.

Rain would no longer be a thing for the most part and our ozone layer would be far more damaged than it currently is. The smoke as mentioned above would be blocking sunlight and the radioactivity would be taking its toll on those who remain in the surrounding areas of the places where these nukes hit.

In the end, as time passed it would be impossible for most things to survive. Radioactive fallout would spread globally in many ways and even humans living in shelters or bunkers would most likely not make it in the end. Nuclear war would be devastating and cause mass extinction for not just the animals.

The consequences of nuclear war are very real and most people do not understand how serious they are.

To read the full version of Paniagua’s summary please, click here. A large nuclear war would be the end of us all, nukes are not the answer. A resolution needs to be made. Tensions are growing and as they grow things like this are only going to become more of a threat.

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