Have you ever simply taken a step back while you are out in public, whether you’re attending a party, waiting in a doctor’s office or spending some time at the local mall, just to watch everyone around you?

The action of people watching can both be incredibly entertaining, but also provides us with a unique insight into the different personality types and characters that surround. On one hand, you have the social butterfly, jumping from person to person eager for a conversation, regardless of who it may be with, and on the other end of the spectrum is the individual who stares at their feet hoping that they can avoid contact with nearly everyone they encounter. There are those that walk into a room with a smile on their face and light in their eyes, those who tiptoe in apologizing for interrupting and those who barrel through with no regard for who may be in their way.

When you walk into a party, what is your body language sharing with the rest of the room? Take a moment to consider the last party you attended, did you spend your time socializing with your closest friends, huddled in a corner, or were you eagerly meeting new people and creating new connections. When you are planning your next get together, do you get excited about the prospect of bringing as many people together as possible in a high-energy celebration, or do you prefer a more exclusive and upscale get-together? Do you go all out on the decorations to set the mood, or do you focus your energy instead on the food or the music?

What type of party host are you, according to your zodiac sign, and what does this say about your personality?

The ‘Natural’ Type: Aquarius, Virgo

While you may be overthinking things right from square one, by the time everyone comes together it is going to seem as natural and easy to you as breathing. You don’t bother with elaborate decorations or fancy food choices. Instead, you choose things that make people feel completely comfortable and at ease. In fact, they often find themselves looking back at your gatherings as a situation where they felt as comfortable as they would have relaxing in their own home. This is where the two signs differ greatly. For an Aquarius, this ‘natural’ feel comes from your ability to just embrace your own quirks and differences, not bothering with trying to ‘fit in.’ You want to create an environment where everyone can be comfortable with who they are, whatever that may be. For Virgo, however, the behind the scenes is far more meticulous then one would ever guess. As total a perfectionist, you have actually considered every last detail carefully, putting everything in place before anxiously waiting to see if you have succeeded in making it appear as effortless as you had planned.

The ‘Strong, Silent’ Type: Capricorn, Scorpio

Your friends will all make a point of showing up for your party, although no one is quite sure whether they are going because they actually want to attend, or because they are afraid of your wrath if you realize that they made the decision to skip out. You are a mystery to those around you, even those that are closest to you. On one hand, you’ll put a lot of effort into putting all the details for your party in order, however on the other hand when everyone arrives you’ll act like you don’t really care. You’re the one found standing silently and mysteriously in the corner watching everyone else, even at your own party. While this may make it difficult for others to truly connect with you, they can’t help but be intrigued by you – sticking around in the hope that they may catch a glimpse of the person hiding behind the mystery.

The ‘Mischievous’ Type: Aries, Sagittarius

A party thrown by you is bound to be one to remember, and it certainly won’t be due to something as innocent as the decorations you chose or the food you serve. In fact, years from now when people are still telling stories of your amazing parties, they won’t even remember these details. A party hosted by an Aries or a Sagittarius is bound to be an experience to say the least, either because it goes that route naturally or because it’s mischievous host gives it a nudge in the right direction.  You are looking for fun, excitement, and adventure, and you want your party to be part of that journey. The people you invite aren’t just party goers, they are your partners in crime, along for the ride. Things are going to get wild, rules are likely going to be broken and you may even experiment with the fine line between ‘grand adventure’ and ‘breaking the law,’ but one thing is for sure – No one is going to forget it!

The ‘Princely’ Type: Libra, Leo

The first thing that you worry about when you are planning your party is the guest list. You aren’t about to invite anyone and everyone, carefully considering your options and crafting a guest list that will result in the best outcome for everyone. The motivation for this is a little different for each of the signs with Libra seeking to create harmony and avoid any drama or conflict, while Leo is looking to use this opportunity to boost their image and social status, selecting the elite to grace their gathering. This focus on image and atmosphere carries through to your carefully selected decorations, highly selective music choices and very specific food choices. You aren’t going to leave anything to chance because you want to be sure that people walk away talking about what a great host you are.

The ‘Cool’ Type: Taurus, Gemini

If anyone is looking to attend the ‘party of the year’ they should be looking in your direction. You have the latest music, the trendiest food choices, and decorations that will leave everyone in awe at just how you are able to keep up with the latest and greatest. For Taurus, this is all about their love of life’s luxuries. You are an incredibly hard worker, aware that it is going to take time, energy and dedication to earn the lifestyle that you want to enjoy. However, when it comes time to let your hair down and celebrate, you like to flaunt all that you have, showing your luxuries off to those around you. By throwing the hippest parties, you are able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. For Gemini, however, it has nothing to do with the actual things in your party. Instead, it’s all about the people. You throw the coolest parties because you want everyone to have the time of their life, bringing their friends and expanding your social circle. It’s all about the experience you create and bringing people together for the ‘time of their lives.’

The ‘Meaningful’ Type: Cancer, Pisces

You aren’t looking to throw a big ‘rager,’ or to attract the entire community. Instead, you would rather throw a nice gathering with your nearest and dearest. A party for you is all about the people – surrounding yourself with those that hold a special place in your heart. You will take the time to personalize every detail to those that will be in attendance. If your best friend Joe’s favorite snack is chocolate chip cookies, you’ll be in the kitchen baking him a fresh batch. It’s a reflection of your heart. Both Cancer and Pisces live their lives with their heart on their sleeve and will take any opportunity to bring light to the world around them. This may mean giving up everything that you would personally enjoy a party, but if it brings a smile to those in attendance, then you’re completely okay with compromising. After all, there is nothing better than bringing joy to those you love.

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