As human beings, we go through life learning new things each day. Some of these things are lessons that will stick with us, while other things are often forgotten just as quickly as they are learned.

The past few years should have shaped you into who you are right now. If you have been wondering what it is the Universe wanted you to learn and if you actually learned it this article may clear the air. Take a look below and find your sign. Have you learned what these past few years were supposed to teach you?


These past few years have been full of growth for you. You have learned that money is not everything and sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. You also learned that your heart is not something that people should be given so easily and it has made you a stronger person. You are well on your way to where you want to be in life.


You have finally accepted that you cannot control everyone and you are becoming a nicer individual overall. You are speaking up for yourself in all the best ways and are working on your temper. Self-care is a marvelous thing.


You have been welcoming challenges with open arms. You are working towards weeding out the friends who do not really care and are have learned that your circle does not have to be big for you to be happy. You are finally taking care of yourself and being there for those who are important to you.


You learned a very deep and important lesson of the heart. You learned that when you give someone your all sometimes you get nothing in return. This was a lesson you should have learned a long time ago.


You learned that if you procrastinate nothing ever gets done. While you are generally a hard worker when it comes to things you aren’t quite sure you want to do you would complain so much. All of that is over now, you are getting what you need in life all the while accomplishing so much.


You have learned that cutting ties with people who use you is a good idea. You no longer let people control you and you see firsthand what happens when you take control of your own life. While you are going to be taking a lot more risks in the years to come everything will work out just fine.


To be honest it seems like you may have not quite learned your lesson. You are still stuck in a rut and letting your past define you. Remember who you are and make some new connections. Life goes on, the past is the past


While you were supposed to learn how to do things on your own you have still been chasing love. Stop letting other people create your happiness. You can only find true happiness within.


You have been a lot less flighty lately and that is a good thing. While your wanderlust has not yet disappeared you have learned to stick around for longer than you have been. Things are finally looking up.


You learned that when you have something in mind you should go for it. You should not squash your own dreams just because you think you aren’t good enough or that you simply cannot do it. You can do anything you put your mind to.


You learned how important teamwork is in all settings. You learned that being compassionate and caring for those around you gets you further in life than most realize. Nurturing your relationships makes you a happier person in general. You love to help others but also know your limits.


You are learning to find your passion and take responsibility for yourself. The past few years have been a bit rough for you. You have faced some rather intense obstacles but were able to overcome them. You are moving on and have learned how important it is to stop letting yourself suffer for no reason.

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