While we all know the moon travels from one sign to the next constantly, most people do not realize that there is a short period in-between. When the moon has finished in one sign right before she moves into the next she is ‘Void of Course.’

This ‘Void of Course’ period can last a few seconds or several days depending on the transition. During this, each time we are facing it we are presented some interesting energies. This period will remain in place until the moon itself has entered the next sign in its path and creates a lot of unplanned paths to present themselves before us. In this moment there are no major aspects to other planets before the moon leaves a sign. This phenomenon occurs quite frequently and is quite the influence whether it is something most will admit or not.

Aquarius Paper wrote as follows on their website in regards to the Void of Course Moon:

Usually, these are limited to the conjunction, opposition, sextile, trine, and square, and occasionally include the semisextile, semisquare, and quincunx. Of course, there are many more aspects than these, which I believe would change the picture radically were they to be included in what aspects we’re considering in the context of the VOC Moon. If we take the “minor” aspects into account, then there are very few times the Moon is not in some relationship with some planet.

Regarding the attitude that it shows periods when “nothing important happens,” I find it absurd to believe that there is ever a time when nothing is happening, or when our honest and diligent efforts won’t bear some kind of fruit in their season, even if the results don’t look like we’d want. If we took that attitude (especially with where the planets will be very soon) then we’d be seeing entire days when supposedly nothing important could happen, or when our efforts would come to naught. That’s ridiculous.

Then there are those who are born with the Moon in the final degrees of a sign. Certainly, a person born with a “VOC Moon” isn’t “doomed” to a life of nothing happening of significance. That approach is just too fatalistic! So today we take a new look at the VOC Moon to get a deeper understanding of this phenomenon.

I originally wrote what follows about 7 years ago, and have updated it for readability while elaborating on key principles. As you read, remember that the planets do not “cause” anything to happen or not happen; that power is within us, though of course, we do not have full control over life and other people’s behavior. The planets merely symbolize the “phase” various parts of us and life are at, and the aspects show us how our phase relates to others’ phases or the phase some activity is at in our world.

Of course, the Moon at the end of a sign means something different than it does at the beginning or middle of a sign. Also, the Moon still has some meaning or influence whether it’s in a “phase relationship” (aspect) with some other planet or not. The Moon at the end of a sign just shows that it’s completed a good part of whatever its presence in that sign is about, and preparing to enter another sign experience.

So from the beginning, to recap The Void of Course (VOC) Moon is said to occur whenever the Moon makes no more aspects to any other transiting planet before it leaves the sign it’s in. Historically it was only applied to questions in Horary Astrology. Traditionally, the only aspects considered in determining whether a Moon was VOC were the conjunction, opposition, sextile, square, and trine.

The moon will be void a lot throughout the years and knowing when these void periods are occuring might benefit you in more ways than you are aware of. The energetic shifting that happens in its path is not something we should ignore. We are very connected to the moon on an emotional level, ignoring that connection isn’t going to cut it.

Sure, the energies associated with this kind of shifting are subtle but they are still quite important. The moon will be void at different times throughout the months to come. In May alone we still have roughly ten voids left to go. You can click here to see what days, times, and signs they will be taking place in/on.

When the moon is ‘Void of Course’ we should be trying to give ourselves a moment to relax rather than making big decisions. Try not to step too far out of your comfort zone while it is Void and you should be fine. Do your best to focus on non-material matters and perhaps focus on endings rather than beginnings in those moments. To learn more about the Void moon please check out the video below. There is a lot more to it than most have ever stopped to realize.

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