Your girlfriend might not say the things she wants from you but that doesn’t mean that those wants are not present. Sometimes she won’t speak her mind in the ways that she might want to because having you do things without her asking means more than the act itself.

She wants you to surprise her, to sweep her off of her feet. She wants to feel the way you felt when you first got together even though it’s been years since. She wants to do more than just hang out when you’re both off. She wants you to push her hair back and remind her why you loved her in the first place.

She wants to be reminded that you only have eyes for her. She wants you to look at her and make her feel like she is the most beautiful girl in the room even when she isn’t. She wants you to be there for her through the big parts and the small parts of her life and she wants you to let her cry on your shoulder through all the rough patches. She wants you to make an effort, to really go the extra mile.

She doesn’t want you to just go through the motions of a relationship and pretend to be doing your best to make things work. She needs you to stand up for yourself and for her, to really work on the relationship between the two of you. She wants you to say her name and kiss her from behind. She wants you to actually listen to her and show her how important she is to you.

She isn’t going to be the kind of girl to let you reel away. Once you begin withdrawing she will too, and unless you’re sure that’s what you want you need to prove to her that you are going to be there for her through the ups and the downs. Be patient, be kind, and be the man you would want your potential daughter to find someday. Just because you’re comfortable or bored doesn’t mean you should neglect the person that means the most to you.

Make an effort to make her feel safe with you. Take care of her on the level that you know deep down you should. Be there for her physically, emotionally, and in any other way she may need you. She will do the same for you and together as long as you are both on the same page, your life together will be full of love. How well do you treat your partner? Is there something more you could do?

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