Chances are, you didn’t hear about this interesting ‘April Fool’s’ joke Google pulled on the people of Earth back in 2017. Well, as many theorists have been saying, it might not be an actual prank and that would be reason enough for it to have been squashed.

Their ‘joke’ was photoshopping a manmade facility on Mars ‘ Google Map section. This facility showed up in an area on the map marked Yellowknife and looks completely real. While the facility might not show up now, there are screen grabs of it everywhere. Everything that would be needed for a ‘colony’ on Mars is visible. There are solar panels, buildings, and so forth.

According to Google Cloud Platform a post written on Friday, March 31st of 2017 read as follows when the image itself was posted:

“Amidst out growing list of new regions, today we’re pleased to announce our expansion to Mars. In addition to supporting some of the most demanding disaster recovery and data sovereignty needs of our Earth-based customers, we’re looking to the future cloud infrastructure needed for the exploration and ultimate colonization of the Red Planet.”

Cruel joke, isn’t it? The post didn’t end there. You can click here to read the rest. Basically, they poke fun at us and make it seem as though there is a Martian data center of some kind present on the red planet.

That being said, as I mentioned before lots of people both theorists and your average Joe are not so convinced. UFO experts are actually concerned that this facility might actually be real and this ‘joke’ might not be a joke at all. Perhaps NASA forgot to edit it out of their images before letting Google have them?



Tyler Glockner who runs the YouTube channel Secureteam 10 said as follows in regards:

“Whoever did this photoshopping, has to put in hours and hours of work. Because it legitimately looks like a base on Mars down to the smallest detail.”

“You can see the buildings, the shadows… there are dirt paths that have been carved out in the Martian soil.”

“April 1st came and went, nobody even knew about it until months later, now people are emailing me.”

“So that’s the conspiracy theory, that this is a legitimate base, uploaded to Google Mars, slipped through the cracks, because if you guys didn’t know Google Mars is constantly updating with newer higher resolution images.”

What do you think, was this just a joke or is the joke that it is actually real? Could we already be on Mars?

(Image Via: GoogleMars)

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