A lot of people find love and live their happy lives but that’s not the truth for everyone. In this day and age, there are tons of toxic people parading around as if they are angels and that in itself throws a lot of us off. 

When you fall for a toxic man, you really lose yourself in a way that not everyone will understand. You give so much and try so hard only to see nothing play out properly in the end. Being with a toxic man can be devastating but getting away from him as a whole can also be quite painful. 

The more you lose yourself to this toxic man the harder it is to break free from his grasp. You don’t know how to exist without him and his control is something you both hate and also are not sure how to go without. I know, that might sound odd but it’s the truth. You don’t feel worthy of anything anymore and all of your efforts fall through the cracks just like your wants and needs. 

You feel like you’ll never find anyone better because that’s what he’s drilled into your head over and over again. While that is not true, you won’t be able to see that until you find your own inner strength which isn’t going to be easy. I’ve seen some of the most powerful women turn into shadows of who they once were at the hands of toxic men. They once held their heads high and were very confident but now, they don’t know how to even talk to other people within reason. It’s like they’re completely different people. 

Being with a toxic man will break you, whether you think it will or not. You might not expect things to play out how they do and you may from the beginning think you can fix him but you can’t. He isn’t going to change and do better until something inside of him decides to do-so. The fact that you want him to change isn’t enough. He has to want to do it for himself, not for anyone else. 

The more time you spend with a toxic man the more isolated you will become. He will go out of his way to cut you off from the people who care about you the most. Anyone who would help you will be someone you’re no longer talking to. He does the things he does for a reason and you need to realize that as quickly as possible. 

You will find yourself questioning everyone and everything all the while hoping for change. Does that sound like a good life to you? I for one wouldn’t waste my time on a toxic man ever again. The last toxic man in my life really broke me down and it took a lot for me to get where I am today. 

He broke me daily and left me feeling like I had no one to talk to and nowhere to turn. When everything was said and done, I finally got the courage I needed to leave, somehow and I do not regret that. Leaving hurt more than anything I could ever find the words to explain but through that, I found my personal power and took my life back. 

If I had stayed I would still be miserable and I would still hate myself. While I still have a long way to go with recovering from the trauma he caused me. I am learning to love myself again and working hard to trust myself more. We are all capable of leaving those who hurt us, and we all deserve a love that is full of growth and happiness. 

If you’re with a toxic man, stop wasting your time. You only get one life and you should be making the most of it. There is someone out there who will treat you right, stop letting this toxic man bring you down. 

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