One of the biggest mistakes that women make while trying to understand the men in their life is assuming that they can understand or predict what they are thinking at any given moment. The problem being that the minds of men and women work entirely differently.

From the way that the most basic of brain chemistry right up to the way that they process information, the differences are significant enough that they alter the way that each gender thinks, acts and reacts to the world around us.

Adding to the difference this, society imposes a number of gender differences upon us from a young age. While we have come great strides in closing the gap between what is expected of boys and girls, there are still some fundamental differences that are taught to us from a young age. Boys are taught not to express their emotions as sensitivity makes them weak, after all, ‘big boys don’t cry.’ This carries through into their adult lives, resulting in men who put up a strong front, hiding their emotions away from the rest of the world, including, in many cases, their closest friends and family, and even their partner.

Have you ever wondered what is actually going on behind is strong and confident exterior? What emotional baggage is he hiding away from you, hoping that you will never uncover? Whether you have just started dating, or if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time already, understanding what is going on behind the mask may help you to better understand the way he thinks and acts. This will help you to be better in tune, and even take steps to help him overcome his struggles.

What is your man really feeling, but avoiding telling you according to his zodiac sign?

Aries – Afraid

An Aries man is usually the one leading the charge, even into the most dangerous of situations. Courageous and unpredictable, he doesn’t waste his time considering the risks before he acts, jumping in without hesitation. He is determined to a fault, refusing to allow anything to hold his way regardless of the price. What he doesn’t share is that behind all of this courage and fire is an extreme amount of fear. He is actually incredibly insecure and goes out of his way to ensure that no one will notice. Whenever his fear gets to be too much, he will lash out in that fiery temper that he is known so well for. Just remember, when he is slamming doors or snapping at someone, the anger is really directed at himself and his personal insecurities.

Taurus – Possessive

The stable and reliable Taurus man is often seen as the practical one among his social circle, carefully making a decision to ensure that he maintains a stable and secure way of living. He’s not afraid to work hard to earn all that he desires, and his budgeting skills can impress even the most skilled of accountants. While he enjoys the luxuries of life, he does so in a very careful and planned out way so as to ensure that he is living within his means and continuing to add to his savings. This is often seen as an admirable skill, but what most people don’t realize is the reason behind these decisions. It’s actually not about planning for the future at all, he’s just incredibly greedy and possessive. He isn’t avoiding chipping in on that family gift because he’s being frugal, he’s just hoarding his funds all to himself. He avoids giving to charity, hates sharing his belongings and can even become possessive of his partner, viewing her as something he can call his own.

Gemini – Nervous

Better known as the ‘social butterfly’ among his family and friends, Gemini men are always having a good time and connecting with new people. They are the life of the party, drawing everyone to them like a magnet and winning them all over with their charm. His social circle is so large, even he isn’t sure where it begins and where it ends, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. However, if you could spend just one day within his mind you would realize that he is actually an incredibly nervous individual, always second-guessing his choices. The more nervous he gets, the more he talks, which is why he’s known for his ‘gift for gab.’ If you watch closely, you’ll notice that he begins to use his hands more and more as the nervousness increases! This can lead him to change his mind repeatedly or making decisions based on what he believes everyone else would want him to do, rather than being true to himself.

Cancer – Living in the Past

Seen as the emotional of the signs, you may believe that you know all there is to know about your Cancer man because he is an open book, but is he really that open? Actually, he spends much of his time reminiscing about the past and wishing he could return. It’s not that he dislikes the present per say, he just doesn’t give it a chance. Instead, he focuses so much on the days gone by that he will begin to withdraw from his present life entirely. If you notice that he is becoming increasingly quiet, detached or cold towards you – understand that it’s not actually you. He is just so lost in his memories that everything else is tossed aside. He may be obsessing over his childhood, a past love, or a time in his life where he believed that life was ‘easier.’ You will notice that this distance only grows greater during times of difficulty or stress. While he would love to share these memories with you, he doesn’t speak of his longing for fear of hurting your feelings.

Leo – Holding Back

Proud and successful, there is nothing that a Leo man can’t accomplish, and he does it with such charm and charisma that everyone around him is left completely awestruck. He often finds himself in leadership positions for a couple very important reasons – others trust and respect him, following his guidance and because he doesn’t trust anyone else to complete the task as well as he can, so he would rather take charge. Truthfully, he wants to ensure that every effort he puts forward is in his own best interests, sometimes even at the expense of those around him. While everyone is marveling over his ability to jump into everything with both guns blazing, he’s actually hiding the fact that he’s holding back. He could do more, be more, commit more, but he hesitates while he takes the time to assess whether giving his all is really in his best interest. If it’s not going to feed his ego or drive him forward to the pinnacle of success, it’s probably not going to get his maximum efforts. This includes his relationships.

Virgo – Controlling

While some may believe that the biggest secret that a Virgo man may be holding onto is his perfectionistic ways, you don’t have to be around him very long to realize that this isn’t a secret at all. He has incredibly high expectations for himself and everyone else around him, and he isn’t afraid to point out when he feels as though you are falling short. The secret is the thought process behind why he is such a perfectionist. A Virgo man is incredibly controlling in every area of his life, and even into the lives of those around him. This is backed by a healthy enough ego that he can convince himself that there is nothing outside of his reach. In fact, his need for control is bad enough that it dominates his every thought and action to the point of complete obsession. If you are in a relationship with a Virgo man and you feel as though you are calling the shots, take a step back and reassess the situation. He’s likely pulling the strings behind the scenes and you don’t even realize it.

Libra – Passive

While a Libra man desires justice, harmony, and balance in the world, his secret is that he is actually an incredibly passive individual and isn’t likely going to go out of his way to do the work necessary to make his vision of what the world could be a reality. In fact, he isn’t going to go out of his way to do much at all. Instead, he prefers to influence the actions of the go-getters in his life, whether they are friends or family, motivating them to do the dirty work for him. This allows him to ultimately achieve his end goal without having to get his hands dirty or make any type of major sacrifice in his own life. If you notice that he is starting to put himself down or play the victim card, the odds are that this is actually a ploy to get you to do something. The truth is that he can usually do this in such a way that you not only think it’s a great idea, but you think that it’s your idea.

Scorpio – Guilt-Ridden

The idea that a Scorpio man only has one secret is laughable, after all, he lives a life of mystery, keeping nearly every aspect of his thoughts, feelings, and emotions closely guarded. While some may think that this is due to feeling as though he is better than those around them, the truth is that he holds himself responsible for everything and anything that goes wrong in the world around him. This creates an incredible amount of guilt, which holds him back from reaching out and connecting with those around him. He believes that he has figured out that he is the common denominator in all of these negative experiences and failures, even if he wasn’t directly involved, and that it is only a matter of time before everyone else puts the pieces together. The truth is that he is so passionate about all that he does, that he fails to see that there are genuinely some things that are beyond his control.

Sagittarius – Self-Righteous

Adventurous, fun-loving and open-minded, if you have a Sagittarius man in your life, there is no question that he is going to keep you guessing and on your toes. Always interested in new experiences and meeting new people, he gives off the impression that he is always willing to learn, discover and consider anything that is thrown his way. The truth is that his open-mind is not nearly as open as he would have you believe. In fact, when a Sagittarius man makes up his mind about something he will hold onto his thoughts and ideas as if they are law, refusing to accept that anything else could possibly be right. Furthermore, he will share these opinions with those that are close to him so bluntly that he often comes across as preachy, condescending or self-centered. He truly believes that he is always right, and it’s nearly impossible to convince him otherwise.

Capricorn – Faint Hearted

While a Capricorn man is well-known for his ability to step up and do whatever work it will take to move any situation forward, his hard-working nature is only one piece of a much bigger puzzle. In fact, his desire to work hard and prove his worth and responsibility to everyone around him is actually an attempt to cover the fact that he is really just a faint-hearted child – incredibly cautious and nervous, and afraid of anything that may ‘go bump in the night.’ Whether it’s spiders, snakes, heights, blood, or the dark, he allows his childhood fears to dictate how he acts today, underlying every decision that he makes. For example, you may see a Capricorn man working multiple jobs to provide for his expecting partner, even claiming to be unable to take the time off to be there for the birth of his children, but the truth is that he was too squeamish at the idea of childbirth to want to be anywhere near when it was happening.

Aquarius – Deviant

Best known for his unique approach to life, be it his way of thinking, style or lifestyle choices, there is a reason that an Aquarius man is more than willing to swim against the current and carve his own path in life. He will give you the impression that it is simply that he is so comfortable with who he is that he isn’t interested in trying to fit in, but the truth is that every thought and action is influenced by an incredibly rebellious nature. He will often defy the ‘norms’ not because he has a passion for his out of the box ideas, but because he’s going to back anything that shows he isn’t ordinary or following the rules laid out before him. At times he will go to such great lengths to rebel that he can actually make dangerous or questionable decisions, putting not only himself but also those around him in harm’s way.

Pisces – Hopeless

Often spending his life with his head in the clouds, a Pisces man is a daydreamer. Within his mind and his heart, he has created an ‘ideal world,’ free from the struggles, trials, and challenges of the world that we live in. While he will share the details of this dream world with those that he trusts, talking about it as a goal that he will dedicate his life towards making a reality, the truth is that he has no hope that this will actually happen. He has already reached a state of hopelessness that has infiltrated his mind so much so that he has resigned himself to escaping to his dream world at any opportunity as it is the only way that he is going to find true happiness in life. You will notice when life gets particularly difficult that he retreats to the safety of his own room, sleeping the day away lost in the fantasy world within his dreams. He uses this as a means to avoid admitting that he doesn’t believe he has any hope of actually living out these ideals.

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