What Happens to Our Bodies When We Eat Oatmeal Everyday, According to Science

Sure, most of us don’t eat oatmeal every day or even a few times a week for that matter, but maybe we should be. You can do all kinds of things to mix it up and it could be considered a universal breakfast for us all.

Right off the bat eating oatmeal will provide you with a good bit of your whole grains for the day. It is also rich in things like fiber and protein all the while being quite low in calories. When we eat oatmeal daily, we benefit in many ways, for instance, our skin health may improve and even our heart health.

To begin, when we eat oats for breakfast we are ensuring that we feel fuller longer and thus for most, reducing our daily calorie intake and promoting proper weight control. Sure, carbs are usually downed, but to be honest, when done correctly you can still lose weight while eating carbs. Who doesn’t love a gluten-free delicious snack or meal?

Did you know that if you eat oatmeal every day you are also getting almost all of your recommended intake of manganese all at once? Well, you are and you are also getting plenty of vitamins and antioxidants that will benefit you in the long run. Eating oatmeal will also help you to maintain lower blood sugar levels over a longer period of time which will in the end also help your body regulate insulin use.

Now, depending on what kind of oats you like best, you may be getting more benefits than others. For instance, if you are going for steel-cut oats instead of rolled eats you are getting a much less processed product and more nutritionally full meal. Steel-cut oats also digest slower than rolled and thus making you even more full for an even longer amount of time.

Oatmeal, when sourced properly and eating daily, can work wonders for you. As someone who already loves oatmeal, this is just another reason to continue enjoying it. What do you think about all of this? Do you eat oatmeal or will you be adding it to your diet?

Image via Healthy Fit Point

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