Nobody wants to get involved with a narcissist, yet we all somehow end up doing it anyway. We know that all they think about is themselves, but what else is going on in their heads? Why are they so selfish?

Narcissists are the epitome of selfishness and total destruction of everyone around them. Being aware of the most common manipulation tactics of a narcissist could allow you to completely avoid being taken advantage of in the beginning. None of us are too smart to refrain from being taken advantage of or tricked at least once and sometimes it’s all it takes to suck you into a deep, dark realm of reassuring a narcissist. If you have ever fallen in love or been with a narcissist you will understand how hard it is to break away from it, I sure know I do. However, there is no happiness until you do so! If I can give my best advice, I’d recommend to be extremely cautious to avoid being placed in the situation in the first place.

I doubt we will ever be able to fully understand the cruel intentions and tactics of a narcissist, but we can learn a lot by the way they act towards other people. By assessing the way a narcissist responds in different situations we are able to better understand their thought processes. What do you really think is going on in their heads?

They think everyone likes to be around them

Being in the presence of them is an honor and they believe that everybody should be grateful for their very presence. How much effort, care, or work they put into something is irrelevant. You should just be happy they are there.

They’re Cocky, But Still Insecure

A narcissist will never fail to be cocky about anything they are good at. Each and every achievement they obtain will be broadcasted in any way, but deep down they’re actually very insecure.

They Always Want to Lead

Because narcissists are bossy and like when people have to listen to them, they are often found in leadership roles. They use their authority against you and punish you in a variety of different ways because of a personal affair.

They Don’t Care About Listening to You

A narcissist will never sit and listen to anything you have to say. It’s just nonsense they have to put up with to have someone to control, use, or manipulate.

They Use Guilt

They are also famous for using guilt to control people. In their heads, they can make you do anything if they make you feel bad enough. In many cases this is true. They use guilt as an ultimate weapon.

They’re Constantly Victimized

In their own little worlds, they are always the one being wronged. They are always playing the victim no matter what kind of insane act they might have just pulled. No matter what they do, they’ll turn it around on you.

They Always Have it Worse

Even on the bad things, they have to have the upper hand. If you are going through a hard time, they’re automatically going through a harder time. If you’re hurt, they’re hurt worse.

Image via Curious Mind Magazine

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