What Exactly are We Drinking? Here’s Where the ‘Flouride’ In Your Tap Water Really Comes From

Fluoride is actually found in all natural waters, and its levels fluctuate based on the rocks and minerals which surround each body. Tap water, however, is a different story.

The fluoride that our tap water has been contaminated with is actually hydro-fluorosilicic Acid, which is an industrial waste by-product. This toxic substance has been added to American drinking water by the government for over sixty years.

The substance that they add, or hydro-fluorosilicic acid, is a toxic by-product that is created by the production of aluminum, fertilizer, steel and nuclear industry. Of course, this would mean that it is in no way similar to the natural version which occurs due to rocks and minerals.

In the Phosphate Mining and Production Industry, much of this hydro-fluorosilicic acid occurs from strip-mined rock. Then, the rock is broken down and placed into massive containers where sulfuric acid is then added to remove contaminants from the rock. During the process, in the past the contaminants were released into the atmosphere.Unfortunately, this caused pollution and harmed ecosystems.

Due to this, environmental regulations were implemented which used control devices to capture the contaminants. Included in the device was hydro-fluorosilicic acid, which was so toxic that you would have to wear protective gear just to be around it. The contaminants are then taken out of chimneys and stored in “open-air cooling lakes”.

“In regard to the use of fluorosilicic acid as a source of fluoride for fluoridation, this agency regards such use as an ideal environmental solution to a long-standing problem. By recovering byproduct fluorosilicic acid from fertilizer manufacturing, water, and air pollution are minimized” Rebecca Hanmer – Former Deputy Assistant Administrator For Water, US Environmental Protection Agency

In the process of production, industrial practices created millions and millions of gallons of this toxic waste. If they were to properly neutralize and dispose of it, they would lose thousands upon thousands of dollars. Instead, they sell it to consumers under the guise that it is indeed a “product.” Then, it is shipped to your local drinking water supply, so that it can be placed in what you hydrate your body with.

And honestly, there is no scientific basis for having this done. Actually. 97% of European countries do not fluoridate their water. Europeans aren’t the only ones who stand against water fluoridation either. Many communities and cities worldwide have banned the substance from being implemented into their water.

Thankfully, our world is experiencing an awakening regarding health. As each day passes, the general public becomes more educated on what should and should not be placed into their body to ensure good health, and with this education comes more scientific studies. With an astounding majority of Europe standing against fluoride, it is safe to say that we are moving forward in the right direction.

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