Sure, we might not use all of the things we learned in math class every single day but when it’s needed those skills sure do come in handy. Brushing up on your mathematics might not sound fun but it can be a lot more entertaining than you could ever imagine.

I recently dove head first into the world of brain teasers and it seems a lot of them are mathematical. One of them that seems to have lots of people stumped is a simple sequence puzzle. While it might seem quite obvious at first, the answer to this teaser is not what it seems. Take a peek at the image below and go over the numbers yourself, what do you think they may all have in common?

(Image Via: Fabosia)

As you can see, the numbers are as follows:

43, 61, 25, 34, and 16.

What do you think they might have in common? Do you have a good idea? Continue forth for the answer once you’ve thought things through in your head.


The answer to this one is that the thing they have in common is that you can add up the two digits of each number to get 7. Was this the answer you had thought up in your mind? Did you get this one right?

Example: 25 (2+5=7)

For more brain teasers like this one (and some that are not) please check out the video below. Do you like math puzzles or are they not for you? The more you overthink things the harder they become. Brain teasers of all kinds are a wonderful way to keep your mind sharp. The more you do them the easier it will be for you to process different things. Just a few minutes each day will really sharpen your mind in the ways that you might have never knew you needed to have occur.

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