On August 7th, Uranus, the ‘Planet of Rebellion’ moved into retrograde triggering an intense and impatient energy. Calling upon the struggles of your past, it will force you to unpack your emotional baggage, whether you like it or not!

Uranus is a bizarre and erratic planet that brings a new and unique way of looking at the world around us. It is best known for its ability to inspire incredible inventions, discoveries, and advancements in all areas of our society. If you take the time to trace Uranus’s movement through the signs, you will discover the trigger point behind each of the greatest breakthroughs in science and technology.

As the planet makes the shift into retrograde, this energy is thrown into further chaos. Retrograde movement refers to the period of time where Uranus appears to move backward through the sky, an illusion created by the location of the Uranus in relation to us here on Earth. While the movement itself is an optical illusion, the impact that planetary retrograde has on the planet’s energy is very real.

For Uranus, this is a shift that happens approximately once a year, lasting for an average of 5 months at a time. This means that while many of the planets only experience retrograde movement for very short periods of time or significant periods of time between the time that it spends in retrograde, Uranus actually spends approximately 40% of its time in this backward motion. As such, this is an energy we should all be comfortable with, one that we should learn to harness to help us move forward in a positive and constructive way.

Retrograde movement is known for slowing down and confusing the original energy of the planet. However, due to the nature of Uranus’ influence on our lives, this is simply going to leave us feeling irritated, impatient and rebellious. First thing’s first, you need to learn to keep this anger and frustration under control. While you may feel like lashing out at everyone who remotely looks at you the wrong way, this isn’t going to help you accomplish anything. Instead, take this frustration, and channel it into something bigger.

This slowed movement is going to provide you with an opportunity to reconnect with memories and experiences from your past. Pay careful attention to what comes to mind, as you will find that the specific moments from your past that you are facing once again are those that carry some sort of unfinished business. Whether you need to right a wrong or tie up loose ends, it’s time to roll your sleeves up and get ready to get your hands dirty!

Take the incredible ability to problem solve and create new and innovate solutions and apply this to the situations from your past. Rather than running in place, trying the same things that failed you the first time around, this is your opportunity for a second chance. Use this time effectively, and you will feel a load lifted off your chest. However, fail to make the most of this, and you will be left even more frustrated than you were, to begin with!

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