Netflix has done it again! It seems they are working to create awareness on a whole new level.

The new docuseries ‘Rotten‘ reveals tons and tons of heartbreaking and unsavory truths about the food supply chain. The things in the episodes of this series shape the meals that end up on our dinner table. Whether you are aware or not you can be, we should all take the time to check out this revealing series. Our food supply system is broke, inhumane, and overwhelmed with fraud.

This new series is essentially a true crime series. It will contain many stories some of which you may be aware of and others you most certainly will not be. This series has been produced by Zero Point Zero which is a company behind many of Anthony Bourdain’s ventures. As you may know last year Netflix brought us ‘Wasted’ which was a documentary about food waste and if you have not yet I also suggest that you check it out as well.

IndieWire reported as follows in regards to this new series:

These stories aren’t restricted merely to one section of America or the globe, incorporating stories and interests ranging from the California Central Valley to the peanut farms of Georgia, from rice fields in China to meat processing plants in Brazil. Uniting these disparate corners of the globe under the banner of a single food not only underlines the commonalities between various cuisines, it puts a hole in the theory that international trade can be “solved” by strong posturing or tough talk. If an hour-long installment can barely scratch the surface of the intricacies of the global honey trade, it puts the challenges of a shifting global landscape in further relief.

But regardless of where this food is coming from, another common theme of “Rotten” is that literal and figurative appetites are becoming less sustainable by the year. The series doesn’t get too mired in a sea of statistics, but through shots of massive storerooms and quick global map graphics, “Rotten” is as concerned with the challenges and consequences of volume as many of these industry food producers are.

Wasted was full of things that most people are not quite aware of. I am hoping that Rotten follows down the same path that Wasted did and really pushes more people to become aware. You can check Rotten out for yourself on Netflix now as it was released just the other day. I have been unable to take my eyes off of it, to say the least. The first installment is titled “Lawyers, Guns, and Honey,” it intends to explore the new global honey business and easily one of the largest food fraud investigations and prosecutions in history. Feel free to check out the trailer below.

(Image Via: Netflix Rotten Trailer)

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