Watch As These People Attempt to Build Ikea Furniture While They Trip On Acid

By December 1, 2018 Video

If you have ever tripped on acid, or heard someone’s first-hand experience with this transcendental substance, then you probably have a hard time envisioning someone putting furniture together while on it. However, once you have watched this video, you will wonder how you ever didn’t before.

I recently came across a YouTube channel called HIKEA Productions and boy is it a wild ride all the way through. Basically, this channel is the home of the documentary web series HIKEA. In the videos posted on this channel, people basically ‘get high’ on things like magic mushrooms, LSD, and so forth and put together IKEA furniture. Yes, I just said that they put together IKEA furniture, what could be more entertaining than that?

According to the channel’s about section, each episode is to include new characters, and their experiences with various substances as they endeavor to build IKEA furniture. While some might not think this would be as fascinating as it is, once you start watching it is hard to stop. In the video, I am going over for this article two younger people by the names of Nicole and Giancarlo drop a couple tabs of LSD before they get into building a dresser. While Giancarlo had dropped LSD in the past, Nicole had never done it before.

The producers behind this web series are Hunter Fine and Alex Taylor. When the series was just getting started, the producers told The Daily Dot that they had intended to make something fun and relatable. While only 4 posts are present on Youtube from back in 2016 it does seem that perhaps the concept of the show has been abandoned. Regardless though the videos are still viewed quite frequently and are seemingly always going viral.

If you have ever been curious about trying acid and decorating your home with expensive furniture, then you are in for a treat.

(Image Via: Youtube/HIKEA Productions)

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